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Conservation is indeed a calling. In Masai Mara a lioness was gored by a buffalo and left with huge open wound . It faced imminent death . It’s young cubs would have had serious trouble growing up .

Please note lions are now less than 2000 in whole of Kenya and it is believed that actual numbers could even be lower than that . Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Vets were quick to come to it’s rescue . As they say pictures don’t lie . Good to see local vets do wonders. This is the other side of Kenya that many don’t know. Silent workers . May God bless their hands. Good work & well done
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Hii ni story ya bafo… hata video tuliona.


inashonwa na wire? juu ya hiyo uzi inayokatwa na plies …jamani halafu nilikuwa nahadaiwa eti nitie bidii masomoni niwe daktari …ndo nishone na plies ka fundi wa viatu, isokey.

How the hell did it not die from blood loss?

The law of nature is to let nature take it’s course but with those numbers it’s right thing to do.

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humans should not intervene here the law of the jungle,is one servival for the fittest. and that was natural select at work. according to Charles Darwin.

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And in which century did Darwin live?

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Buffalo hazitishwi ovyo ovyo.

What if it was the other way round. They would have cut up the buffalo to make the lion’s task easier.

jungle ina wenyewe…

@Meria Mata hehe we share common friends I see


What about those Maasais who kill them??? Or better yet poachers who go after the wild trophies???

We invade their natural habitat (nairobi), then we wonder why their numbers are so low compared to 200 years ago?

And then we blame the maasai community. :frowning:

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