naswa surely! .........admean this is serious.

this Salim Lone guy has been around babuon for a while now on and off, shida yake inakuwanga nini because the last time he resigned, it was also for the same reasons in cord ‘lack of accountability’


Hii ndio false ama ni fake news…


opuss salim tibiim!

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unataka admin afanye nini?


Salim Lone amekula zake and is bailing out before the MV JaKuon goes under, the way they do every 5 years. Where are Sarah Elderkin and Barack Muluka?

It’s always about money eaten by clever folks exploiting JaKuon’s tendency to doze. Ask Orengo, who passed the hot potato of monitoring the epic loss at Bomas to the incurably daft Mudavadi.


Fake news

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I admire the zeal with which these uthamaki idiots post commentary regarding fake news, then scamper for the hills when the truth is on the table.

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Super fake news…lying to the masses in desperate attempts

hata kama mimi ni RWNEBP hii ni fake as they come. huo osungu and content umekataa…


Fake news who writes a resignation letter with the letter head of the company he is running away from?


Hangover inanisumbua[ATTACH=full]117317[/ATTACH]


Hapa ng’o

isn’t he lost

Interal Memo to Members of NASA?..
Jicho Nyanya hawezi hepa one Term presidency

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Pia mimi jameni. Sijui kwa nini I have/keep walevi friends who ply me with alcohol at the slightest opportunity hehehehehehehehe. Lakini na wapenda tuu sana just that I cannot match their pace. I can’t even sleep it off as it is soo gaddamn hot, sun is out at 9.43


Utakula wali kwa chumvi, meffi. RWNBP

Haki, they were able to wake up and go to work like nothing happened:(. Thankfully I don’t work weekends. What are you using to cure yours? struggling here…

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Supu iko na pilipili teargas and a good round of lazy marathon sex with all the niceness. Ayamu wanu kolo awaaaay. Supaman got nothing ooon meee

@Koolibah cure is what I am looking for in readiness for kesho:) Tell me what I need to consume.

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