Nasty Dim Eye Woman Hacks Sleeping Husband With A Panga In Bondo

A 45-year-old man is nursing serious head injuries at Bondo Sub-County hospital after his wife hacked him with a panga while he was asleep.

Samson Atunda is said to have been hacked by Shaniz Achieng following domestic disagreements at Abimbo Village in South Sakwa on Monday evening.

According to Siaya County Police Commander Cleti Kimaiyo, the matter was reported at the Amoyo Police Base by the Assistant Chief of Got-Abiero, Collins Waganda.

The area Assistant Chief told police that the woman cut her husband with a panga across the face while he was asleep.

He stated that the victim sustained a deep cut on the face adding that neighbours who responded to the distress call rushed him to the hospital where he was admitted.

Not surprising, mascular women in the western lake region lead in husband beating


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homosexual eunuch @kodiaga was castrated using a burdizzo by nekesa in busia cownty


Yani you cannot interpret a simple table giving statistics on gender violence. The leading counties in GBV from females are in shiny Eye counties of Meru, Machakos and Nakuru for the 12 month intimate relationships. Lake region men are known for ‘disciplining’ wives out of love.


NO WAY! It is only shiny eye land where these things happen

How come you skipped Samburu and Meru at 100%.

Look at the male column, am talking about men who get beat up by women, the leading one is clearly busia. is your dumb ass really trying to gaslight me with facts I can ready myself?

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