Back in my college days , a fella had a nasty breakup with his girlfriend. The girl had the guts to tell this poor dude …

"…Your dick is so small
the last time you put it in my V , immune system tried to fight it…!!!”

He hasn’t recovered yet.

Pole new villager. She told you the truth.

NV. This is a extremely lame ass joke and very poor attempt at being funny. You probably picked this joke somewhere and paraphrased but the you did not achieve the intended effect. I suggest you invest your time in admiring ladies asses.

Waaah, @administrator content inaisha banaaa. For $100 per month, I can post 2 high-quality threads to this site daily.

Umewatch Wild N Out sana…ukaona ukuje huku na hio upus

Smoke some weed, it will make you creative. Can I be your supplier?

NV welcome to the …

And just like that @SirAlfred you’ll be dubbed as the little dicked villager, welcome to The badlands.

You guys get paid for threads?

Ndiyo sasa ukuwe unamake 20k