Naskia South C now has more Somali per household than Mogadishu

Watu wa South C. You will be next on lock down and mass testing.

You think somalis are the new Chinese?

They migrated from Eastleigh to escape lock down they still need to operate their businesses outside Eastleigh. They came in droves b4 lock down. The crowding in the house is the worst afadhali chinese

The government should not have informed them of its intentions before the lockdowns.

why didn’t they announce the lockdown at night??? wangewapata off

Kama watoto

Its now too late. They already escaped to South C in large numbers. In Somalia 18 deaths per a day, now we know why. Crowding. Government needs to lock down South C and go house to house establishing houses with many occupants bcz Somalis will be the people who make this pandemic get out of control in Nairobi. Already numbers in North Eastern are going up. Even in Old Town the problem is that communal living arrangements.