Nasikia ikiitwa BoJo disaster

This oaf is going to to ask for a snap election after a huge defeat in Parliament. Predictions are that he will be the prime minister who enjoyed the stint for the shortest time ever in the British history

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Boris Johnson in the House of Commons
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Boris Johnson says he will call for a general election if he is forced to request a Brexit extension.

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How bad will it get for the uk if they leave 5he EU without a deal? Can they possibly abort the brexit at this stage?



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[SIZE=7]British MPs defeat Boris Johnson on Brexit, election looms[/SIZE]
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PRU, AFP | A video grab from footage broadcast by the UK Parliament’s Parliamentary Recording Unit shows Britain’s PM Boris Johnson responding to his defeat after an emergency debate on a no-deal Brexit in the House of Commons in London on Sept 3, 2019.
A cross-party alliance defeated Boris Johnson in parliament on Tuesday in a bid to prevent him taking Britain out of the EU without a divorce agreement - prompting the prime minister to announce that he would immediately push for a snap election.

Lawmakers voted by 328 to 301 for a motion put forward by opposition parties and rebel lawmakers in Johnson’s party - who had been warned they would be kicked out of the Conservative Party if they defied the government.
More than three years after the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, the defeat leaves the course of Brexit unresolved, with possible outcomes still ranging from a turbulent ‘no-deal’ exit to abandoning the whole endeavour.
Tuesday’s victory is the first hurdle for lawmakers who, having succeeded in taking control of parliamentary business, will on Wednesday seek to pass a law forcing Johnson to ask the EU to delay Brexit until Jan. 31 unless he has a deal approved by parliament beforehand on the terms and manner of the exit.

FRANCE 24’s Benedict Paviot reports from London
The Conservative rebels who now face expulsion from the party included Nicholas Soames, the grandson of Britain’s World War Two leader Winston Churchill, and two former finance ministers - Philip Hammond and Kenneth Clarke.
“I don’t want an election, but if MPs vote tomorrow to stop negotiations and compel another pointless delay to Brexit, potentially for years, then that would be the only way to resolve this,” Johnson told parliament after the vote.
“I can confirm that we are tonight tabling a motion under the Fixed Term Parliament Act.”
In an historic showdown between prime minister and parliament, Johnson’s opponents said they wanted to prevent him playing Russian roulette with a country once touted as a confident pillar of Western economic and political stability.
They argue that nothing can justify the risk of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit that would cut economic ties overnight with Britain’s biggest export market and inevitably bring huge economic disruption.
Election looms
Johnson cast the challenge as an attempt to force Britain to surrender to the EU just as he hopes to secure concessions on the terms of the divorce, helped by the threat to walk out without one. Ahead of the vote, he said would never accept another delay to Brexit beyond Oct. 31.
Johnson’s government will now seek to hold a vote on Wednesday to approve an early election, most likely to be held on Oct. 14. An election would pit the avowed Brexiteer against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran socialist.

FRANCE 24’s Philip Turle explains what the vote means for Brexit and for the UK
In the eye of the Brexit maelstrom, though, it was unclear whether opposition parties would support such a move - which requires the support of two-thirds of the 650-seat House of Commons.
Corbyn has long demanded an election as the best way out of the crisis, but many of those seeking to prevent a ‘no-deal’ Brexit say Johnson could time the poll to ensure that parliament
cannot prevent an Oct. 31 departure - with or without a deal.
After the vote, Corbyn told Johnson that he must get the Brexit delay bill that will be discussed on Wednesday passed before trying to call an election.
The 2016 Brexit referendum showed a United Kingdom divided about much more than the European Union, and has fuelled soul-searching about everything from secession and immigration to capitalism, empire and modern Britishness.
It has also triggered civil war inside both of Britain’s main political parties as dozens of lawmakers put what they see as the United Kingdom’s fate above that of party loyalty.
Just as Johnson began speaking, he lost his working majority in parliament when one of his own Conservative lawmakers, Phillip Lee, crossed the floor of the House of Commons to join the pro-EU Liberal Democrats.

@patco ukiona mwenzako ananyolewa, basi nywele yako ipake maji juu wewe ni next. Tell that to your president .

@Waithelelo wa Kush tebu pitia hapa kiasi …

It took Rome 1,000 years to decay into nothingness.

It will take just 100 for the West to collapse.

Just watch Britain disintegrate (into Scotland, Ireland (united) and England)…

Political impact is more important than term duration.

Kibaki’s 10 to Moi’s 24.

Wanajikaanga wenyewe, entitlement issues

Brexit will never happen.
Anybody with half a brain knows leaving the EU is no good for nobody but in respect of the small issue of the Brits having voted to leave, no party or politician wants to go down in history as being the one that denied the people their will in a country that prides itself as a shining example of Democracy.
So they will continue kicking the can down the road until nobody cares anymore.

Personally, I’d rather stick pins in my eyeballs than listen to any more waffle about Brexit.
And the average Brit feels the same way.

BoJo will come back stronger after the election. Brexit party and Conservative party have formed a pact. Watch this space

No way No way Nein:mad:. Akwende kabisa na hizo no deal zake. What a bully! nilimaliza na yeye when he sent the House home fast tracked some documents for our old woman to sign. The noise in the Tory yard is also defeaning. Now the noisemaking MPs have ganged up with the Labour party. Jezza is no better but I am a labour supporter so yes we need to unseat the Tories from the gava. They are out of reach and the country has made nada progress since they took over the gava. The house has worked tirelessly to ensure he does not lead us to the pits. The Brits are not like the silly Americans.
I am still holding out for a second referendum and here is hoping our poor dears in Uni and elsewhere will come out to vote REMAIN…everyone that voted LEAVE should hung their head in shame.

The tushoshos/tugukas that voted LEAVE with their feet will all be dead by the time Whitehall is done with drafting new implementations that impact v badly on the young. And what with Scotland threatening to leave…(unimaginable)
I am vvvvv happy as we speak. Sasa let us fasten our seat belts and watch this space…it has been over 3 years with no BREXIT progress jameni…just pure misery for EU migrants, banks, small businesses and the hardworking civil servants who do all the donkey work…

Plus he has been threatening to get our fav Speaker out. Hiyo hatuwezi kubali. Oh and BoJo is Trump’s close friend yes Trump is his role model. Pia hiyo hatuwezi kubali. Trump is v hated in the United kingdom for his blatant stupidity, delusion, madness and racism. He should stay out of our business and mind his gun shooting yardie. He should also leave our London mayor alone. He is not Ilhan ? who he is bullying. Amnesty International organised many protests against Trump when he came visiting a few months ago and even then he found time to advise the Irish PM about building a wall between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The PM was not having that conversation with him…kikikiki

No way, kapsaa! He is going, going.

ORDER!!! Huyo speaker wenyu hunibamba Sana.

Sawa Shosh but if Labour is to have a prime minister (a very remote and unlikely possibility) then you must come together with Lib Dems. Unfortunately for you, Corbyn is hated by Lib Dems, most of them will never vote for him. That gives BoJo a very easy path to premiership as long as Labour and Lib Dems can’t agree on who should be the prime minister.

Noways, we will continue making noise until akwende na huko na BREXIT NO DEAL zake…hatuwezi kubali where he is leading us. Nein. I don’t like Corbyn either but we got no choice, my Labour choice always belonged to Dave Milliband but his slimy greedy bro Ed ruined it. And BTW I see Lib Dems ganging up with Labour all the time on newsnight and now they have been joined by rebellious Tories. Ni kubaya…I mean how can we leave the EU? furthermore how can we leave without a deal?furthermorest we are not going to accept someone who works in cahoots with madman devil Trump.

Just pray that after elections Labour is able to form government. However, if Conservatives win the premiership with Borris as the prime minister then get ready to leave the EU without a deal on 31st Oct. I hope the Brits who voted leave in 2016 are scared of Brexit and this time will vote remain. I suspect Conservatives may loose election because of the fear that Brexit will bring medical and food shortages. Let us hope enough people are scared of Brexit.

I think folk are now ‘educated’ enough to understand the implications of voting LEAVE. If BoJo wins…then without a shadow of a doubt nahamia Australia with my family.

What’s so bad about Brexit? I’m honestly curious. Shouldn’t Britain come out stronger without the poorer EU countries dragging them down. Ama?

No…we need the other EU member states. Nope. A proper response itabidii nichape thesis na nimechoka kidogo. Pls google the pros and cons of the UK exiting the EU. No one is dragging the Brits down, they are just full of themselves. Each member state needs another. United Kingdom just needs to be firm about the monetary contribution they pay to the EU kitty tbh. They have already tightened the noose on immigration Brexit or no Brexit and this is primarily what led to a majority of voters voting LEAVE…my heart bleeds at this point.
Don’t forget we have many Brits working and living in those other countries too.

Tony afraid you might be right. Jeremy did a U Turn on his call for an election for reasons given that I could not comprehend. Wooi sis kwisha. Wharra mess. So my plans of escaping to Australia are fully back on.