NASA's supersonic jet to be launched soon


Hermeus Hypersonic jet will get you from New York to London in less than an hour.
Powered by quarter horse jet engine.


wachya uwongo

[SIZE=7]Forget Supersonic. This Hypersonic Jet Can Fly From NYC to London in Under an Hour.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=6]The Hermeus jet has a projected top speed of Mach 5.5—or 4,219 mph—making it the fastest reusable jet on the planet.[/SIZE]
Supersonic flight is arriving—in a hurry. In the last 18 months, Boom has successfully tested its XB-1 demonstrator aircraft and pre-sold 15 of its still-in-development 30-seat Overture models to United Airlines. Virgin Galactic and Rolls Royce rolled out a partnership to develop a 19-seater. Even the Russian Federation revealed plans to build a supersonic jet for commercial use.

Then there’s the Hermeus Quarterhorse. Think supersonic or Mach 1—the speed of sound—multiply by five and you have the hypersonic Quarterhorse.

Unajua hii kijiji imejaa na masintofahamu wengi,wanaonaga kila kitu kigeni kikiwa kama uchawi or you just pulled it out of your nethers ili kuwapima.:D:D:D

Kuna haja ya kupanda hii ndege kwenda mombasa from nairobi?
Reminds me of a dubai muscat flight,ile time ndege inaturn on rotate ,unaona muscat city already kwa horizon. By the time seatbelt light iko off na unataka kunyora unaskia mkishuka already na kapi ako zake kuwakaribisha

The Hermeus Hypersonic Jet Can Fly From NYC to London in Under an Hour – Robb Report
Soma yote hapo

2029 sounds far off but ukiimajin juzi tu trump amekua prezo…

Hizi wana prepare mostly zitakua interstellar kwenda mars maraundi for the rich.

gunner nenda bottom of ze table bila kusumbua kijiji na eassayz za uchawi

Makes sense. But you know the return fuel is usually the elephant of things. There was a one way ticket for 100 individuals wishing to go to mars. This was because hakuna ngataa ya kurudi. One of my suggestions in the forum was to install inert satellite ‘fuel stations’ on cargo landers on intervals along both planets’ orbit that could be controlled,same way they controlled the cassini, and reactivated by the returnees on the return for fuel top up journey,sounded ridiculous at that time but it got upvoted .
Hapo unless they use nuclear fuel cells for hydrogen propulsion. Crazy times coming up

Kama kuna kitu nimecome kurealise with Aviation Start Ups… only believe the numbers when they deliver to the first customer and the customer gives a review.

Nilikua napiga hizi hesabu. If say you have a succesful farm in Kibwezi and need to operate the farm’s office from Nairobi. It’s much more efficient and even faster to use a motorbike to and from the farm and office than to use an aircraft. Any aircraft.

You can’t go to Mars with a jet engine. You need a rocket, or some other undiscovered means of travel.

The difference between a rocket and a jet engine is that, rocket engine has to have oxygen on board.

A very significant difference when we are talking about getting to mars.

Flux liner, TR 3B and The Aurora technologies would be way more effective than having the fuel engines.

like teleportation

What You Gus don’t realize is that in space you just need bursts of acceleration or deceleration. A single burst of acceleration will see you travelling more than 30,000 KPH. In fact Cassini was equipped with nuclear reactor to power. Also the way electric and hydrogen powered vehicles are being pushed has something to do with future planes.

hopefully it wont backfire like Concorde

Elon Musk once even vowed to have Electric planes and note not drones.