NASA's post Vs harsh comments.

The post:

The comments from Amuricans:


Kwani kamefanya nini?

From the sampled comments, you can see how most people detest her.

She’s a democrat icon so republicans despise her.

They used to say worse about the Luopean President they elected .

Its more about NASA, people have woken up and are realising they have been duped for decades by NASA , Having said that, kamala is still a goof

She is black woman. Nothing else

Stop calling mixed race women black bana -we’re not Americans.

Kwanza she’s mixed with Indians ,the most racist scum on earth.

Good point, their issue ni ati she is not white, anything else wanaanza frothing at the mouth

That piece of shit isn’t anything close to being black

hehe, umeamka na mo faya leo chifu

Now ,now,no need to be irked. First,she is a woman,even the women hate her and men too for obvious reasons…its natural selection. Second she is not white…every other white person hates her…its normal in the US. Third ,she’s a Dem…every other white supremacy supporter hates her…its normal in the US.
Now picture if she was pure Black. The racial jokes mtu yangu,hata wewe ungecheka kidogo