NASA's Cabinet

National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders will in 10 days launch its National People’s Constituent Assembly (NPCA) where they will reportedly unveil their Cabinet and key members of the NPCA.

The NPCA will be the Opposition’s top decision-making organ to be headed by NASA leader Raila Odinga.
The strategy also revealed that the resolutions of the national convention will be validated by the people through a referendum.
Wacha nicheke kidogo with DJ shitis voice… "haaaaaaa! Bra I gara leave!.. "

And that is how the imaginary naswa was shelved. Now odm rebrands to another acronym and wiper/ford kenya/anc are told to shut up. All those mou’s and agreements are to be forgotten for the 100th time.

Another day, another rainbow in the sky, a mirage, an illusion.

That MOU was dishonoured the day it was signed wiper now knows what it didn’t know…

2013 mou was ignored and 2017 mou was ignored. Some people are generally slow.

Why are county governments been used by enemies of Kenya to balkanise the country?

Actually it is not the individual Governors issue, it is the hostility they will encounter on the ground if they did not work with RAT. Most of the NASWA governors would rather work with the government coz they have to deliver to their electorate.

Hawa watu wako na michezo tupu.

  1. Wasn’t their president demanding fresh elections just last week? How do you form a cabinet for less than 8 months?

2 .who elected these members of this so called People’s Assembly?

  1. Which referendum? Lol

I just want to know if the cabinet shows the whole face of Kenya or they will all be saying omera and prayshident.

Enyewe TMT anajua survival tactics…naona akijiforce kurun against Ruto come twedi twedi tuu