NASAs big gun.


It will explode on the launch pad in glorious fashion. I love seeing these expensive projects fail.

china wamefika kule juu ama bado wako njiani?

Mukilauch tunalaunch. Tukutana mwezini.


watu wa laikipia wachangamuke watutengenezee space shuttle,kuunda gari imekua too mainstream huku afrika

It’s called trail brazing , then after the US uses all those resources failing and finally nailing it, the rest of the world will copy cat the final product, and launch there’s.
Africa can sustain triple digits economic growth, for a span of 10yrs, by just copy pasting the existing products, and reproducing them locally.

And name it BJ72…
Blow Job by 72 Virgins…
Up beyond the Blues…


Will be destroyed in a solar flare anyway. Pointless. We live in a zoo controlled by a higher being, where we’re not allowed to leave this planet.

the space station is roughly 410 kilometers above earth under thick atmosphere and magnetic field so haiezi nyanduliwa na flares

Itanyanduliwa tu. Kuna flares zinaweza maliza ata atmosphere ya planet yote. Which is why I’m saying we live in a zoo, lol.

Americans refused to admit China to the International Space Station wakidhani chinkus will never make it space. Obama even banned NASA from working with their Chinese equivalent.
Now China becomes the only country in the world with its own independent space station and with ISS being decommissioned in 2025(Russia wamesema haiwaitaki imezeeka and becoming dangerous and expensive to maintain) chinkus might be the only astronauts mid decade.

Chinkus were busy stealing U.S tech instead of collaborating with them.

Hehe I like your propaganda. It’s very juicy and almost believable.

kenya tunapanga kutuma yetu soon

i guess murica is holier than all…muhfcukers stole whole islands so getting their tech stolen is not a big deal,besides they are good at brain drain,majority of tech is either from a chink or curry eater so sijui unasema nini

How many countries have copy pasted the Apollo mission to the moon which was 1969?

How many countries have successfully landed a rover on Mars except the US?

More of the concept of Trail brazing vs Copy pasting.