Nasa will win, for sure!

There are 20 birds perched on a tree.
You have a gun and only one bullet. Is it possible to kill all 20 birds with that one bullet?
If you’re Jubilee, you can’t.
If you’re NASA (ODM), you kill one bird (realistic) and claim that having done your own parallel tallying you killed all the birds, only that IEBC inflated the numbers…
You therefore go ahead and pronounce yourself the Champion sharpshooter, and threaten to the birds that got away if you’re not recognised as such!


Will NASA be incharge of counting? Day dreaming

Recipe for chaos.the same strategy alitumia in 2007…we all saw what happenned then…raila anatafuta ways and means za kuchoma hii nchi.Mungu atamshinda na amshindilie!

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This is very funny!. …

RWNBP na kila mtu anajua

Wale wanajua constitution ebu nipatieni chapter article or clause on how to impeach an MCA.

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A case in point of opinion polls is kiambu… Kabogo was indefatigable, but only in polls.

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huyu kings lazima atolewe hapo

Yaani Lusaka atavotia rao??? Na coast jubilee itapata 0 votes??? Hehehehehe… enyewe