NASA Wao Flopped In Kimilili

Judge Anthony Murima said the petitioner, former MP Suleiman Murunga, did not present enough evidence to enable him quash Mr Barasa’s win in last year’s General Election.

Mr Barasa defied the opposition wave in the Bungoma county to win the seat as a Jubilee Party candidate.

In his judgement, the judge said there was no sufficient evidence to quash the election of Mr Barasa.

“There was no enough evidence to support all the 14 grounds pressed by the petitioner. I therefore dismiss this case with costs,” he said.

The court slapped the petitioner with a Sh6 million cost of the petition, half for Mr Barasa and the other for the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Mr Murunga of Ford Kenya, who was seeking re-election, lost to the MP in a tight contest.

Who is Suleiman Murunga? The owner of Club Simmers on Kenyatta Ave., which was demolished last night.

When it rains, it pours.

@jumabekavu, hata kama huyu mjamaa alikukosea… This is too much!

Inaitwa double tragedy.

The money he used to campaign was evil. Pesa ya pombe na malaya

Pombe na malaya are part of life. The deeper curse is that of trying to con the landlords of their prime land. Sema mtu kujua hajui!!

[SIZE=4]We will be back - simmers owner says

Not in Sonko’s Nairobi. [/SIZE]

Hiyo bloti huwa ya nani? Anaeza uza?

Arthur Magugu Estate na Nilestar Ltd., lakini jamaa anadai eti lease iliisha akapewa.

Hana title, hayuko bunge, na deni haifutiki. Wakora wa lands na kanjo watamruka pap!!

Wale mbirrionaire owners wa Sabina Joy pia yao ni evil money?

Kama ni magugu inaeza kuwa the 2nd wife ndio anazoa noma. Patajengwa stalls

Eeh pesa yao is haunted by horny drunk evil spirits :smiley:

Hapana. Nafikiri WSR atsfanya deal wajenge parking for 680. Swali kubwa ni kule wategaji hao wote wataenda. It was a potpourri of regional warogi.