NASA Ultimatum No. 2017-001

[SIZE=6]NASA threatens to skip polls over IEBC appeal on tallying law[/SIZE]

There will be many more, as we know from the CORD and OKOA-JaKuon nonsense that plagued out nation for the last 5 years.

ata ndo poa jubilee ipate 100%

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let Jakuon go and sort out the mess in his own backyard kwanza aache vitisho…akikataa kua kwa ballot sisi tunapewa walkover

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Mtu wa kujinyonga ni kujinyonga siyo kutangaza eti naenda kujinyonga.


Kassin, Parallel vote tallying was shut down and apparently it was supposed to achieve the same goal: mass confusion. The q is: Does NASA seriously think that they are going to devise their own election rules? Especially after the clobbering witnessed in Nyanza with multiple declared winners and disappearing returning officers?

Wait till they give this to odunga ! The sh*t will really hit the fan.



Have you seen any JaKuonist here admitting unconditionally that their nominations were seriously flawed?

In their eyes, NASA are charting new paths in our democracy, just as Teargas Mondays did. Odunga will be useful.


Kassin, I was originally afraid that given the obvious ineptitude displayed by the collective opposition, Jubilee might relax as if they already have the thing bagged. Lakini the constant lobbying of duds seems like it will keep them alert - boomerang effect :wink:

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It’s really strange and it indicates the level of low morality in our politics that a party that holds such shameless and blatantly rigged primaries is on the forefront of demanding Kenya holds the perfect election never seen even in 1st world countries.
Those who seeks perfection should also demonstrate they have the capacity to be perfect.


NASA might be ready to boycott August polls but is ODM WIPER ANC CCM FORD KENYA ready