Am not a vivid contributor of politics but what if Mudavadi convince Kalonzo and Wetangula to sideline Rao. Then Mudavadi becomes the flag bearer with support from Kalonzo and Wetangula.
What if Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Wetangula decide to form their own political Alliance warushe Rao?
Baba aende akikauka.
Ama namnagani my friend?

Don’t you have anything of note to add to the village? Politicking day in day out with and about people who don’t give a damn how you are living


@admin si ubadilishe jina ya hii site iwe Railatalk, Raia this Raia that. Tumechoka bana.



I think you meant avid kaka mburasa …

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D, I love your thinking

perhaps you know something we don’t

No i meant VIVID. check ua dictionary

Well said. You can tell how a thread will go by just reading its headline.

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@admin tunaomba serikali yako iko na mwongozo maradufu to sub divide politics into 3:

  1. UOTP ya akina @Ghetto
  2. RWNEEBP ya akina buttyman na robina
  3. NEUTRAL ya watu kama sisi tukue tunatukana wote

Ni hayo two

Azande zana


Mimi nataka ya rwneebp iwekwe huko nyuma kwa obituary section na uban sycophants kila siku ama watengeneze tumbili talk.

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Raila was at Uhuru Park today with the doctors, but I hereby request that:

  1. @admin start blocking any Raila threads for @Jazzman, @Tarantinoh and @WuTang . They do not seem capable of using the ignore or skip features of the site without help. Either that or they have a masochistic bent;

  2. Force @pamba to deliver on his many promises of hekayas instead of turning into a one-line heckler.

  3. Make this URL sticky, at the top of News & Politics:


Unless we are praising samaki takatifu.

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Ofisa, here is a 100% JaKuonist platform for you:

There are only 2 members now, but there used to be at least 2000. Then the owner decided to weed out anti-JaKuon members…:D:D:D:D

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Wewe mzae hebu tuheshimiane. :D:D:D:D