NASA Poverty


Leo ni saba saba …

Onyango Oloo on Morning Express, KTN:

"You can call Raila what you want Mr Mwaura. He can be a witch today but you are very fast to forget that the same witch nominated you yesterday.

You defected to Jubilee recently so there is nothing you know about it, maybe you tell us how it feels to hang on the president’s car when he visits Ruiru.

I was the Secretary General of TNA and I know everything we did to ascend to power and hanging on the president’a car was not one of them.

If you think the opposition is that one of 2013, please wake up from your slumber my brother.

You really don’t know who Raila is until you are on the opposing political side. What we saw in 2013 was murky.

If at all Raila would have ensured that we go for a run off by sealing the loopholes through which we escaped by a whisker;

Today he would have been the president.

I remember we converged at Kabogo’s house before the results were announced for a crisis meeting.

The president personally told us that he wouldn’t imagine going for a second round with a reenergized Raila because we would be have been doomed.

Now that was 2013, this is 2017.

A completely furnished secretariat with experts drawn from different realms, the human resources and financial war chest plus the entry of Mudavadi and Ruto.

You have a right to joke that Uhuru will win, but 8th August will prove that you took your jokes too far."

So Raila nominated Mwaura :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Niko hapa kwa 001 sultan mambo si mazuri kwa uhuruto :(:frowning:

Baba statehouse

He is an ODM nominated MP. How do you think it happened? :rolleyes::rolleyes:o_O


Let me explain the photo above. I was ealking towards Community bus-stop to take a Citi Hoppa when I heard that infernal, endless NASA tune Vindu Vichenjanga. About eight emaciated youths were dancing half-heartedly in that poorly branded campaign truck.

A girl with a hideous weave saw me taking photos and reached behind her for an orange ODM flag which she beckoned me to come and take. Nilicheka sana as I declined. RWNBP! !

As the bus inched its way downhill in the traffic, we met hungry JaKuonists with vuvuzelas and whistles walking from Uhuru Park to the Milimani courts. They were going to agitate against the ballot paper printing exercise. On the road, an overloaded Nairobi Water covered pick-up was ferrying the laziest demonstrators in a clear violation of abuse of government vehicles for partisan events.

Poor NASA/CORD/ODM or whatever the crippled beast is called.

Report to IEBC…