NASA Politics : Provocation from Inlaws

Dear Semej,

I, have noted with great concern, photos that have made rounds on this platform about how “Watchmen, Mboches and Bicycles won’t stop baba from rolling forward”. This I suspect was done to respond to Mudavadi’s people displaying placards saying “Chief minister ni Wewe”. As someone from the slopes of Maragoli Hills, am here to remind our neighbors from the lake side a few basics about our relationship.

  • First, the Ethnic name of the region where you live is Nyanza. In my Language, iNyanza means Lake. The equivalent of the same in your language is Nam. We welcomed you here. Ata kama mlikuja na kifua.

  • We have enough engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Business people and many other careers in our ranks. It’s not an Ethnic monopoly. Basic statistics may even prove that we have more of these professionals than you guys. We are 5.2+ Million Total. You are 4+

  • We may love Ugali, iNgoko, ziSwa, iChai, Mitoo, ziSaga, Mrenda and everything that can go into the mouth but is not poison. But remember, we never ask for it from anyone. We are farmers since we landed on this bitch in goat-skin.
    Chai - We have our own Tea leaves farms and factories. You would know this if you have travelled between Majengo - Kakamega, Mudete - Kaimosi.
    iNgoko - No proper Luhya homestead does not have A chicken pen, goat shed and eKego for several cows. For milk and meat.
    Ugali - Every Luhya family has a farm on which they do subsistence farming. Every planting season, we grow maize. Which we roast, harvest, store and take to the Poshomill whenever we need unga for Ugali. The Maize Bread basket of this country is in Kitale and surrounding Areas. you can confirm with the demographics of that Area.

The content of our culinary preferences are sourced from ourselves. Ata kufungwe mipaka around us, we wont succumb.

  • We may have a significant number of low skill workers in the city including the ones you have mentioned. But which big community doesn’t ? With your high education, basic statistics would make you understand why there are disproportionate numbers of Hawkers and Touts from a certain region, Hooligans and under-educated political goons for hire from another region, Househelps and guards from another. You would understand why it’s not easy to find an El-Molo house-help even if you advertised for one.

Which begs the question, What are the chances that those guys wearing those (x)abhorrent free T-shirts could be Over-confident under-educated stone-throwing oblong head shaped river bathing un-hygienic Braggadocio infested, Violent, Slum dwelling goons ?

See, we all have stereotypes. Facts may skew towards those stereotypes when you push them hard enough. But we are neighbors. We are only related through inter-marriage. That’s why we are Shemejis. But we are as different as day and night. Bantus and Nilotes. We have had the most peaceful border between us. You guys have fought our Cousins Bana Baminto in Kisii Nyanza, you have fought the Kipsigis and Nandi. We have fought the Nandi and Northern Nilotes including the Teso. But you and us, all that has happened is intermarriage.

We have actually had to endure being made fun of by people from some regions who think we do not do the cut, simply because we associate with you guys and we don’t see any shame in it. Because we know, our method of initiation is more macho than theirs. This shows a lot of respect and love we have for you, considering how important 'The Cut" is for us. Dissociating with you guys has never been an option. Because having lived close to you long enough, we know what lies behind that facade of pride and self love.

So, before you pump up your Adrenaline filled Braggadocio and need to prove supremacy, Remember, “YOU CANT GO ANYWHERE ON THIS COUNTRY’S POLITICAL LANDSCAPE WITHOUT US”. You can get a few good seats in government, but you cant get the presidency without us. It would be foolhardy to think you will get it alone or with the help of A community far away. Considering the fact that you don’t have a better relationship with any of your neighbors than with us.

The Most important thing you should know is, Sisi ni MaShemeji and not being a War-Like Community (Our Greetings begin with the word Murembe which means Peace. And we live that life), we intend to maintain that.

As for political unity, you are breaking an already tight rope you were walking on. We may have enough Ambitious and high flying career people in our community, but we are not as Power hungry and we are very comfortable in our skin and culture. Don’t push us into political apathy. Control yourselves.

Regards, Concerned and incensed Neighbor and inLaw (My Fiancee is Luo) up North.

kelele ya chura haimzui ngombe kukunywa maji…focus mbele wacha hizi siasa ndogo ndogo…

This is an unhealthy relationship where one partner feels they are dominant and better than the other and we all know how such relationships end.


i can almost bet the same will happen wakati wakale wata taka uongozi pia

Hapa naona too Much idle time

It won’t, infact leaders from Kikuyu did not want Uhuru to become president. If you remeber sonkos interview he said, Kibaki and his ilk wanted him to step down.

The MADIMONI saga was caused by this issue. The moment Ruto is ready kura atapewa.

Utakula mawe kijana

Wapi huko anti-shower?

Stone-throwing oblong head shaped river bathing…bragadosio…nipeeni brochette chunky chicken broth served with tartara fillet salsa niendelee kusoma

Ruto hawezi pewa, mkikuyu hawezi pigia ata mmeru kula sembuse mtu aliwachomea kwa kanisa? Madharau itaanza 2018

Summary kwa wavivu hapa chini:

ukabila ukabila ukabila ukabila… @jumabekavu tafadhali shika hili jinamizi la ukabila ulifungie kuzimu.

In a fraction of a second that shot caught 5 projectiles, you can only wonder how many landed on that car


Lest you forget

The writer above displays the schizophrenic nature of the Western voters’ relationship with JaKuonists (NOT the Luo Nation).

While boasting about his people’s supposed academic, economic and cultural independence, he reiterates the odd subjugation of his people to the whims of a tinpot dictator (shemeji), every election year, yet he claims that the Luhya are numerically capable of determining the outcome.

Those T-shirts were made in order to remind Mudavadi and his people that there is a pecking order, no matter how ridiculous it seems.

,hii ndio porojo tunakataa,you either shape up or ship out

Wakanyama unaudhi.

NASA = Never A Straight Answer

Kettle calling the pot black