NASA let's square it out in the streets- Nairobi Business Community

Mavi wwe

That was the UON demo against Babu’s arrest.

Haiya, telling it as it is.

i have mixed feelings about your statement. commonsense tells me people’s mothers shouldn’t be doing some things in public. their picture might just discourage others inclined to such behaviour…[SIZE=2]and it’s not like the picture shows details anyway…[/SIZE]


uko na midlife crisis

Tulia ukule Amatoke siku nyingi,ukilete nyefnyef NBC ikishugulikie.

Hizi nyangau ziko hapa busy chest thumping and yet 99% of them the closest thing to a protest they have ever attended ni assembly ya shule, kujeni kesho tuwafunze how to have a real protest


Coomernina zako,toa hio uso yako kesho uvute marashi ya karafuu.

Being good at protesting is nothing to be proud of.

Your game plan to have akina chebukati resign the 11th hour so that the elections are not held has backfired…sheria mpya ziko jikoni na Hanna budi ila kuchapa campaign and wait for UA fate on 26th…hata babu started campaigns today… Demos or no demos UA fate awaits u


Nyinyi okuyu iko Na sida.wacheni mbake.kwanza wewe fiud masho.

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Ni aje wakang’ari ?


Uyu ni nyakinyua ndurika biu :D:D


nî ûroneka ta harî na kaûndû ûngîtwîra na kinyi, ûngîrûmîrîrwo wega mûthuuri ûyû.

@Joel rìu tondù o nawe wì nyakìnyua rì,ùngìtùrìka nginya ha?

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Loudmouths like you rarely have the courage to do anything more than type. People who have seen blood flow are never quick to see it flow again. The smell of clotting blood and fear in the eyes of condemned men is not something you forget easily.

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Shitty peeps hawa