NASA let's square it out in the streets- Nairobi Business Community

“We have mobilised business community members from Nakuru, Thika, Limuru and Murang’a among other places to support us.”

“We call upon all our supporters and members of GEMA to come out in large numbers tomorrow [Monday] to protect our votes,” he told journalists at City Park in Nairobi.

“Our silence should not be misconstrued as a sign of fear. We are peaceful Kenyans and we are not selfish.”

“We have been called names including being linked to Mungiki but we will stop at nothing to protect the presidency,” Kamau said.

Members said they are ready to ensure the Uhuru retains the presidency.

“What shall we tell our children we were doing when Nairobi was and the economy was being ruined?” they asked.

“An unguarded presidency is a vanity [uthamaki utari mugitire ni tugu], therefore, we must protect our presidency,” members said

UOTP brigade mjuwe mnangojwa in the streets by Nairobi Business Community tomorrow

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I support

Chupa zitakuwa kwa wengi kesho…reke tuge andû nîmakanyua rwenji.


I have a feeling Kibera kutawaka moto in the next few days. Don’t be surprised When Raila blames Uhuru for the counter demonstrations. And when asked why his people were also throwing stones atasema they have a right to demonstrate and he cannot control them.
I just hope nobody dies but I can tell a few will.


Innocents ndio huumia time kama hiyo.


Happed last time at UON .the crooks took off and security men turned on inocent students in hostels

dago business community endorse it

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The Lari Business Community (LBC) has resolved to close the Nakuru Highway at Uplands, Kimende and Soko.

Hii maneno watu wamalizie Nairobi waheshimiane…

I hear the Githurai Business Community also has something in the works for Thika Road…


southern bypass,dago business community will take care of it

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Hawa ni chokoraa na hutawaona mahali kesho.
thutha wa gwika uthuthuria wa thiini ni ndikitie kumenya ma,ati utongoria wa kenya ni hinyiriria uhote gwathana no wateng’erio ukorira kuria aria wonaga ta ari o tumundu ouguo,wakimabatara niki riria kwahiuha?wariganirwo muthi ungi mwamahita nginya na ndege?aya tio ino ni mikora ya kurogotwo barabara cia nairobi niguo imakie aria matari mwena wanyu indi ritwa riri murahuthira ri goro muno ti ria kuhakwo ndooro,ndiri undu nguuga no mumenye thabina ino ni inyui mwaingirire mukimimia na no inyui muguthambia menyererai maai matikaage muthambie mai na tunua twanyu,ndi ohaha hugururuini cia kirinyaga Ng’etheire kandathi,thai muno


I have a brilliant idea :D:D
Instead of having pawns fight each other which is just a tired political game :mad::mad:
Why not take the fight to NASA? Why not have the pawns surround the rival king?:D:D
The business community should go demonstrate, haki yetu, tibim, stones and all , outside the homes of the [SIZE=2]BUM[/SIZE] RASA principals!!! :D:D:D:D:D


Sioni ikuwa noma kesho

Kwani ulinyoa guka?



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please stop posting the pic of the woman in the middle. its just so… pris just stop. i imagine she’s someones mother whose uncontrollable emotions got the better of her


NASA is a big tree tree. I think its time The Ruling party starts to Cut some Branches .

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She unleashed herself…wacha tusefishe mecho…


Babuon has said hii ni safi kama pamba…so there’s nothing wrong with it!

Welcome if you want join us but you must follow these rules.
1.You must believe In God(Mwene Nyaga)
2.You must have undergone circumscision the Abraham way
3.You should recognize Moses Kuria as our chairman.
4.You should have a business or aspiring to own one.
5.You must stand with us at anytime required.
6.Be a kenyan of sound mind not like our mad brothers of Nasa who go abusing our president.

Ghai! kweli kila kitu inaweza osha hiyo mecho yenu! basi jiosheni na hii muachane na hiyo…