Nakuru has accepted to go to canaan
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@Mathaais kuja uwank na hizi za nakuru sasa

Tunaenda Canaan!


tuwachane. sisi tunaenda.

Poor peasant hatutambui hizo photoshopped chieth. Zako

Raila our next President

@coldpilsner word in Nakuru NASA might ganer a significant number of votes, hows it from the ground?

The thing is, Nakuru is a Jubilee stronghold but things are not going to be easy for the Jubilee candidates… independent candidates and those of nasa are putting up a very strong fight…case and example …arama is getting strong competition from a kisii nasa candidate…so Nakuru might give us a couple of surprises.

All hail to raila the enigma

I heard had Mbugua run as an independent the NASA gubernatorial Man angepita kati yao?

This was just before the ‘principles’ arrived.
Ata mbuzi kwa street hakuna.


Bugua ali mess na nikama hamge pata kura round hii

Please refer to my pictures above uone crowd vile ilikua

Mativeetii…his heart changed location. Again. :rolleyes:

Hio heart ni nomadic

Aki wewe ni fuda sana

Fuda sana. Naks ni Jubilee hadi kwa debe