NASA hao said by public universities lecturers today

lecturers shouted 10millions strong today will demonstrating in kisii

Talk to them priss.No need of them going on demo with their perfect osungu while you are struggling to deliver a point here with your pathetic one

they are really disadvantaging students

Kwani Tata ya IntroFart iliretire?

Lectures should be well enumerated, its unacceptable to be churning out half baked products like @Johana Erot .

Gava ina utiaji maze inafaa isicheleweshe mabuda

…and @Mathaais na @screwplus

The list is endless @uwesmake .


WTF [ATTACH=full]109808[/ATTACH]n

they have never been counted?

Tune to KTN ,birrionares are being roasted.

don’t do tv

You’re missing a lot sir,blame it on your rigidness.

like what?