NASA confirm-We are not alone.

Its the other NASA, stupid.
They have just confirmed that two moons within the solar system support some form of life…
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I am always not alone, I have my beloved ceska to deal with any eventuality.


Nonsense… Siwes click!


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Moderator, We do not click. nefa effa


Click bait for shiny eyes/jupilii = 100%. Wanakuja wakishine macho kudhani kimeharibikana pare kwa NASA.

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For the anti click battalion,be ware that we have been waiting with bated breath since NASA announcement of a big press conference earlier in the month. Extra terestrial life is very big news, and to have such within the solar system would be mind boggling. Tulizeni kende and read the news


Hapa kuna watu wamecheswo.

I’ve never understood why the possibility of life on another planet/solar system/galaxy is treated like such a big deal. It is just common sense that there must be other earth -like planets out there. It’s just simple logic. There are billions upon billions of planets in one galaxy alone. Let’s not even talk about the universe. Given these numbers, why would earth be the only planet supporting life? Kwani how special are we???
If I ever come across extra terrestrial creatures, I will walk up to them and say, “It’s about time motherfuckers.”


Baba atatusomea. Kisha atupatie mwelekeo.

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APRIL 2013 - APRIL 2017
1.) Milk was 40/- now 70/-
2.) Sugar was 85/- now 150/-
3.) Unga was 80/- now 160/-
4.) Electricity Unit was 13/- now 18/-
5.) Paraffin was 60/ now 80/-
6.) Water (20L) was 5/- now 20/-
7.) Inflation was at 3.5 now at 7
8.) National Debt was just 1 Trillion now 4Trillion
9.) William Ruto’s Net worth was 5million then, now he’s worth 10billion
10.) Scandals were totaling to 1.5 Billion, now its more than 250Billion
11.) My nephew was in class 1 then expecting a laptop, he’s now in class 4 using my iPad.


Time to be friends or enemies ?clarify Omera

Thats probably europa and enceladus. Its about time now we colonize them.

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Bro, you are missing the space ship by a Galaxy. It’s not that we are not the only ones, but think of what other intelligent life would potend to earth. Whenever two civilizations meet, the exchange in knowledge and tech is always huge…now make that two separate live. I would give my left kidney and gonard to witness first hand some extra terestrial life. So much to learn


We’re not alone…
Tuko pamoja

If Extra Terrestrials ever officially come to earth, they’ll most likely be here to colonize us, so they won’t be coming as friends. The fact that we’re just beginning to explore Mars, which is relatively close to Earth, means any visitors from a distant planet who land on Earth will be sooo technologically advanced, whatever ‘cutting edge technology’ we have will be considered inferior by their standards.


So the green aliens we used to be told were coming from Mars could actually be residents of the Jupiter moons?
Ha ha, very interesting.

Who would want to colonize this filthy earth that her own people want to destroy her with nuclear warheads to prove superiority over each other ? Those terrestrial animals will see us as fools! and they will go back to where they came from. …

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Never walk alone. 6 shot .380 micro desert eagle. Not the ceska.

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