NASA and ESA to send an Orbiter to the Jupiter's moon'S

For space ethusiasts.
NASA and ESA have considered sending an orbiter and a lander to Europa and Enceladus in mid 2020’s and ESA-led JUICE (jupiter icy moons explorer) mission to Ganymede in 2022 and arrive around 2030. This is a smart move to explore the outer planets since Mars has proven that it has no signs of alien life. Europa has shown strong signs of supporting life. They should scrap off the ISS since it is costly and direct the funds to explore the outer planets. They should consider sending an orbiter to Neptune and Uranus since we have little information about them which was done by voyagers in 1977.


But like you said about Mars, isn’t it a waste of funds sending anything to Neptune/Uranus?n Unlike Pluto’s and Saturn’s satellites… My thoughts though…

a dozen of spacecrafts have been sent to mars it will be good if it will be directed to neptune or uranus

Cgi and Hollywood studios shenanigans. …

This is why I am voting for Musalia Mudavadi. Such technological development is essential for Kenya to realize the 2030 goal.


wewe ni wale walikua wanaona Jet Li kwa movie amededi mnasema amededi for real

Unadhani ni hii NASA bonoko ya Jakuon

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Both Europa and Enceladus have oceans beneath the icy surface but it will be very difficult to explore these oceans since the icy surface is 1 km to 10km thick hence very difficult to drill through, but these oceans could have life

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by life you mean monsters

Life could mean anything from simple bacteria to intellectual beings

No. Monsters are just imaginary creatures in story tales

With the current technology they can attempt to drill if they were able to land the huygens on Titan they can do it.

Drilling through all those kms and sending a probe in would take quite a while and it would require large machinery… let wait and see maybe they will be able to do it one day

They will use the space launch system which will be able to lift large payloads. By that time it will be complete

Actually it’s the other way around:D:D:D

These “outer space” trips are staged. There is no independent verifyer so you have to take their word for it.

it isn’t staged, nkiwa class six mode altushw kuna kispacecraft kinajiita Voyager ndo ilienda kusomer outer space

Actually they were two; voyager 1 and 2 . They were on launched in 1977 two weeks apart and took 3 years to reach saturn. They were the first to give clear images of jupiter Saturn Neptune and Uranus. They were the first and the last probes to visit uranus and neptune. They are still contactible but power is running low

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