narrow escape

Once upon a time there was this neighbor of mine she was brown ,beautiful smile and fat ass I had been eyeing her for some time her name was njeri. After some small talk I finally asked her out she agreed. Soon afterwards we started screwing On our third screw session she suggested I remove the condom in the middle of the match ,I found this suspicious I refused,njeri told me to stop screwing her at that moment, and we broke up .This was on April 10th . After that in some months I saw that she was pregnant, and she gave birth in late January. This was probably the reason she wanted it raw so that she could frame me Right now Njeri is a single mum waiting for a guy with no kids saved and with a good job to marry her .She probably will get one but not me

Mimi ningepatikana tu juu I would have seen it as an opportunity to dry fry… Nahope sitawai pata kama huyo.


I think he meant flat ass but he mistakenly skipped on l. We cant be lied to

Fat ass and Njeri, Wacha bangi @sperminator


Fat ass


DNA testing now days is very cheap. I don’t accept responsibility bila DNA even for my own wife. Just imagine uhunye c wa jomo and the mzee was dubed to bless moi’s son.

angalia Jomo alafu uangalie Jameson 1…that’s a chip of the old block

Idioms zilikua shida kwako. You’ve just repeated what he said.