Narrow escape for boy child.

Luckiest man this weekend. Do you agree?


Kunguru hafugiki

Very close

The guy should breathe a sigh of relief.

Mbona unaficha jina la poster?


who used to play her like a musical instrument.

It has been happening since time immemorial,wedding is overrated

Looks like a cooked up story. Doesn’t mean things like those don’t happen though.

Jah bless

No one wants to talk about the money… People are not Kenyan?

How is he the luckiest if he did not get the sense to sniff out a kunguru and almost married one?

kunguru hafugiki

This is very common. Kunguru akijua anaolewa lazima apeleke ikus ipanguzwe upya.

This is them things happening.

Almost isn’t quite.

Not Allah?

This shit happened to me few months ago, its my ex, caught up with me in nrb and we spent a night, her wedo is in dec, hata mchango nilituma!

Na bado utamkula after wedding.

Ng’ombe kapsaaaaa. Saitan.

Saitan ni huyo ex… But we just need to warn the young man @likad about khupipi wa wenyewe