Narok Senator

This Narok senator is dismantling Issac Rutto badly. Watu watoke Mau

Moi sijui alipatia his tribesmen nini because they want to take on Kenya even when it’s clear as daylight that they just can’t. We need Mau Forest to remain a forest.
Why can’t government just settle them in Laikipia and drill bore holes for them?

narok senator is one of the best around. kuna masenyetor wengine wamelala sana

he is a civilised version of Miguna Miguna

Hatutaki kusumbuliwa na jamaa wa kujinyakulia mashamba ka pokotis. Warudi mahali walitoka.

Sasa itakuwa our land is inhabited by people from central, that’s why our people are in mau forest.

Jirani wako atakuwa Ogiek.

Kumbe umetoka place stoneage hivi?

Where did you go for O and A level schooling?..Kama ni shule za hizo sides I can guess which?


usiwalete kwetu hawa watu ni balaa tupu, wapelekwe baringo na pokot. watu wakule kwao.

If the government is going to drill boreholes let it drill in all arid counties sio pahali they are going to resettle squatters from forest land, it only encourages more people to invade forest land with the hope that they will be rewarded in the same manner.

Kwani laikipia ni kwa nani?

Nyeri diaspora for all means and purposes.

25 minutes bwana

his style of fashion is always out of touch

Mburoti huko ni mangapi hivi?

Expansionism, one is gov’t backed the other by brute force

Same effect slum upgrading projects might result to

Kikuyu expansion into Laikipia is as a result of population pressure, no govt backing in any way, kipsigis pouring into maasai lau was a Moi strategy.