Narcos SubMarine


hapa kuna vichwa zitakuwa decapitated ndio iwe funzo…io hasara ni mingi sana haigwes ruhusiwa kijinga iviivi

Hii ni mupya ama ile ya zamani?

Your UoN grads cannot build a [SIZE=1]huru-barrow[/SIZE]:frowning:

na bado mko na vihere here ati mmeona mbele- just because you can see a flyover…shonde

when y’all creating your ethnic shonde coalitions, remember you are the main cause this nation is under siege in poverty, lack of service delivery.

Hii Mali ingetufikia …we cut it, tuongeze baking powder n cook it into crack cocaine. Hio value pale kwa streets Ina quadruple.

Akina el chapo can afford to hire engineers from Ivy league universities… wenye walikua wanafanyiwa homework na assignments na wakenya.

Ojwang wewe umejenga fly over ngapi wewe mwenyewe?

don’t need a fly over when I get to fly around and or levitate:D

I can assure you that if .ke had $68 mirrions worth of contraband to smuggle, kikuyus would build a submarine better then a US colombia class sub

Sometimes I wonder why South America is a hotbed of narcos? The worlds biggest narcos kingpins are always from South America… or Spain did a shitty job in colonising the Americas?

last time I checked, whether kikuyu, kipsigis, taita, chonyi et al…majority of the women in Kenya bend over while doing dishes, cooking etc So innovation through need is mostly an extremely rare thing in Kenya.