Narcissistic men's strategies:Punishing women with indifference

Ladies understand this manipulation tactic used by narcissistic men to control you. And don’t take the bait, if he’s indifference, you are 10 times more in different to him. Dawa ya moto ni moto. Fight fire with fire.

Dawa ya moto ni moto and this videos with dealing with men this is bad advice. Mummy you will move from man to man na miaka zinasonga.

Adopt with change, find some rich dude (pesa ya family the better) and does not have MGtow mindset. Be feminine, respectable, treat her like a king, be his peace and don’t accept any kind of disrespect.

Just like MGtow have adopted and can’t tolerate any lady that wants sex after marriage. Adopt and don’t tolerate MGtow mindset(you call them dusty).

Ladies that are winning are the ones that are married to a man that values her and being provided everything and still has a career.

Dawa ya moto not adaptation

@Admin 001 @administrator please ban this girl, she is always posting toxic agenda against Men, which creates a very unhealthy community

OK. It’s bad advice to tell women not to accept emotional abuse from men? Bcz miaka zinasonga instead of moving from man to man, oleka tuu na mtu anaku abuse and kuku mistreat emotionally and psychologically? Wacha miaka zisonge, turudi mbinguni vile tulikuja rather than put with shit all our lives and get nothing in return for sacrificing our lives and our everything for this men. In my school of thought if a man has nothing to offer you he should get nothing from you, not sex, not children, not you raising his kids afadhali ufe bila mtoto, Mali yako uwaachie watoto wa ndugu zako or your adopted kids but never ever let any man use you. Btw even a rich dude can be abusive but I put a woman’s wellbeing first always. I support you that women should only marry men of means. If you are advising women not to accept disrespect then you actually are in support of the video as the video advocates women not to accept emotional abuse from men.

As for MGTOW, I am the opposite, I believe no man should even kiss you before marriage. So the fact that I am not for entertaining any man just to say that you are married doesn’t equate to me having the same mindset as MGTOW coz these are confused elements. Women have suffered enough in the name of time inasonga and you just need to get married regardless of if you will benefit from the marriage. Men have also taken advantage of the pressure of women to settle and have kids to use and abuse women. The only way out is to make marriage and children optional for women so that they don’t end up in bad situations that only benefit the man but only take from the woman. Women are going their own way more and more nowadays. In my own family I have several who are very wealthy and child free and they’re older than me. One has recently purchased an apartment of 40 M, she also has a house by the River Thames and properties all over. I asked her who she would bequeath her earthly goods when she dies she told me her siblings children meaning her nieces and nephews. What a loss for the male lineage she might have gotten married to but she was not going to settle for less just to be married. The only thing single women worry about is who is going to inherit them unlike women married to terrible and broke men.

I agree with you that if you are to win in marriage as a woman, you must marry a well to do guy, who provides everything and values her and treats her with respect. Hapo tuko pamoja kapsa. It’s rare to find a reasonable man in these place.

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Why do Kenyan women just like being provided for? Can’t you work to provide for yourself? You wonder why so many of you are unmarried

Swali. Who is providing for me now? Am I not providing for myself? Now if I marry you. You expect me to add 15 million things on my to do list, give you children, yes they’re your children because they carry your surname not mine, then I still provide equally to when I was single? No I don’t wonder why so many of us are unmarried, I know why. It’s because it’s a raw deal to go cook, clean, get pregnant, carry pregnancy, breastfeed, child care, and take cancer causing pills to give you raw sex on demand and so many other things women do in marriage FOR A MAN WHO CAN NOT PROVIDE FOR A WOMAN FULLY. I can provide for myself just fine thank you without having to take care of you, your children and your extended family. What I can’t do is do all that work for you and you can’t do just one thing for me PROVIDE FULLY!!! Comprende amigo. Rather be unmarried than be used and be taken advantage of because of my need for love and belonging and a posterity. Wacha twende sare. If I am going to be a slave I might as well have a rich master, not somebody who can’t even provide for his own family.

But you are ugly your wish will be fulfilled. Rosetti.

They both should provide for the family. There are things that men provide say like educating the children. However, married couples should work out how they can join forces to ease the financial burden. Remember that those household chores are done by house helps most of the time. When it comes to finances, don’t just expect the man to fully provide as you put it. Make your own money as well if you can. If you can’t the man should step up- no negotiation. Geez this self entitlement is what is perpetuating cycles of poverty.

I think you are mistaking me for your mother and the women in your family and stop stalking me on Facebook. Just get a life. All the men I’ve dated proposed to me it’s me who declined and they weren’t even broke asses like you boo. So we’re they all blind? And they were all handsome, very handsome, I bet more handsome than you. Sasa wewe mtu uko na time ya kuenda kustalk mtu hujui on Facebook uneza niambia nini? Do you even own a house in Nairobi? I marvel how someone living in a rented bed sitter in Ronga can have time to stalk people online. Si uende utafute ganji unashindana na mtu Ata kua landlady yako? My dear. Amka uende utafute pesa. Ktalk will not buy you a place to call your own. Me my ducks are already in a row I am planning how I will retire now in a hot sea side town na wewe je? I know right? The pain is thunder you have nothing and a woman has everything you dream of. The pain is thunder. Na Bado tuu uko bedsitter pipu stalking me on FB? Really? Carry on baby. Wacha nikublock uendelee kujibamba. By the way I have another FB where I post my stuff nowadays try and find that one too since you have the time and energy. Bye now.

The reason people have house helps is because women are working. And women pay househelps so it’s a form of delegating. The money women make should be saved and invested by the women so that incase of any eventuality like if the husband leaves she can have some money saved or some investment to help her take care of the kids bcz women are usually left with the kids. I think any man who does not want to provide for his family fully does not deserve to be a husband. The reason your wife and your kids take your surname is because they are your DEPENDENTS not your partner. You want the respect due but not the responsibility. To me that’s just being irresponsible. Try and provide fully and see if God will not open doors for you but bcz nowadays men do not want to take their full responsibility of providing then its no wonder they’re struggling financially. Why should God open doors for you when you are overloading your wife? Abebe mimba, azae, anyonyeshe, alee, apelekwe clinic ante and post natal. Then you are still expecting her to go 50/50 financially, if that’s not being entitled then I don’t know what is. All God put you on earth to do is provide you can’t do that one job without complaining. Ungekua mwanamke ungecomplain you are the one doing everything?

We can’t take away what women go through. As an alpha male I have no issue with providing for my wife. What I’m against is the self entitlement that some Kenyan women define “providing for” means. Glad I learnt how to avoid those type of women early on. They will sit there expect you to buy them a car, go on vacations, wine and dine in expensive restaurants, take the kids to expensive schools etc etc.

You would think if it’s that end of year trip to Zanzibar that you will both save together a year in advance. So many things can be achieved if you pull together. It’s not about 50/50. The man can even do 80 or in the case the woman does not work do 100. There is no formula as such. The whole idea is if the woman can provide for herself she does not have to wait for the man to do everything.

To quote you, you said the men must “FULLY PROVIDE”. What are we teaching our daughters? To only date a rich guy that will “FULLY PROVIDE” as you put it? Wewe unaweka wanawake chini sana. I work with female executives and can’t imagine they think as you do. If that’s your idea of providing then you know why we can’t agree.

I know women with more money than they know what to do with. That’s why they are not getting married out of choice, because they still want that guy who can provide fully for them to really see him as a man. Why should I have a husband if I will have to chip in 50% for a holiday for him, me and his say 3 kids. When I was single I would get a single girlfriend we plan we save and we go together and have a more relaxing time than if I am with the kids and they’re fussing and I have to take care of them and I will still pay 50% for the vacay? It will even cost me more than if I were single and I went with my gf, plus mom’s do not even enjoy those holidays especially when they have small children.

I think you are not an alpha male if you expect your wife to help you foot bills for vacations. Modern men are too entitled for life Yaani nikuzalia, nikubebe mimba, nilee watoto then hata vacation huwezi lipia at I have to chip in. Did you chip in when I was pg kunisaidia kubeba ball, kuzaa, kunyonyesha, kuosha watoto, kupeleka watoto immunization, kushinda kupea housegirl instructions nikiwa job kwa simu etc etc etcGod help this generation. Mimi siezi toa hata Bob. I am your wife these are your kids YOU SHOULD TAKE US ON VACATION. If I wanted to be taking myself on vacation I would have stayed single. What is the point of having a husband if hata vacation hawezi Lipa a wapatie tuu surprise? No wonder women no longer respect men anymore. Let me give you a true story about vacay. So a woman who was used to going on vacation got married to a guy like you who believes in women chipping in, she found that to be weird and said she’ll pay for the first vacay coz to her it’s weird to contribute money to go on vacation so she took him to the best vacay overseas, when next came the guy came up with the same story of chipping in, she lied that her bro abroad was ill and she had no money coz she sent him all the money she had. So the onus was on him, he took her to a cheap hotel at the Coast. She called me crying. I just told her pole mama Maisha ya ndoa ni kuvumilia, next time don’t do something expecting reciprocity. You can not teach a man to be a provider, he either is or he isn’t and you know that if you expect it upfront and he proves to you upfront he’s a provider. If he doesn’t want to pay for the vacay, go with your kids or your gfs, many women do that bcz it’s abnormal to pay for vacation when you are with a man yet when he fucks you, he does not help you take those cancer causing pills. When you are on vacation he won’t help you with the kids. Yaani you play your part with zero help from him then you still have to help him in his role? How?

You raise good points. At the end of the day a relationship is a continuum- you both have to find your spot. Each to their own.

Just like men make a mistake when choosing a wife. Unaoa matako kubwa. Women make the same damn mistake. Only difference wanaoa account kubwa.
Then down the line they come singing all men are trash.
The same way a woman can smell a man who just wants sex is the very same way a man can smell a good digger. How many brothers have told me she’s just with me for the money. A friend lost his job and told me sasa bibi ataenda. Guess whay

Men are more red-pilled my sister and they won’t accept to carry the whole burden in a family setup alone. The thirty year old man of today will not accept to carry the whole financial burden like our brothers who are fifty and above. If you are in a marriage or cohabitation, he will ask you what you are bringing to the table, unless he is a prince in Buckingham palace where the royals are fed and clothed by the Commonwealth. In some cases, the man opens a business or educates the wife if the spouse is unemployed, in order to enable her to earn some money. Any woman/girl entering into marriage right now should be alive to this fact. Failure to do so will only lead to more marital conflicts and eventually divorce/separation.

That’s the reality but amekataa. She wants the man to “FULLY PROVIDE”. After all the lady is bringing to the table- sex and later on giving birth and raising the children. Her money is a contingency fund for when things go south and she needs to be on her own. You can now see what the boy child is up against.

Hiyo maneno tumekataa kabisa. For your information. However as a man, I am fully responsible for the major responsibilities in the house namely providing accomodation and educating kids. They should know that:

  1. Watoto ni wetu Sisi wawili na sio wa
    baba peke yake.
  2. During sexual intercourse, each person
    gets enjoyment equally.
  3. Doing laundry is not a must for them since you can hire mama nguo or Mboch.


Exactly. I was telling TrumanCapote it doesn’t even have to be 50/50 as a man will naturally contribute much more. Amesema kwa hio hao hata bob hatoi tumpeleke kule tunataka.