Napita tuu..

Nî gūtéé!!!



What can I even say?? I’ll just let them Jubilee sycophants whine and whine and whine and whine as I sip away on this acid. All UOTP wazitos like this comment


Reminds me of the song “we are unbwangable” by Gidi Gidi. It trended on 2002 elections but things went South to some politicians named in that song


@coldpilsner niruhusu nitumie trademark [ATTACH=full]219108[/ATTACH]

Kila mtu apambane na hali yake .

Nice picture

Nitatembelea kila corner ya Kenya kufanya maendeleo, na hao washenzi waachane na mimi[ATTACH=full]219110[/ATTACH]

‘Baba’ worshippers, do you honestly believe the two are best of friends? Bado wengine wako na hangover ya handcheque betrayal na sahii mnafikiria Uhunye is in love with the guy who told the masses to resist his dear Brookside™? Very easy to play you guys. These PRs are meant to achieve exactly what we’re seeing here - have the ‘baba’ brigade cheer up again and build the nation. Kesho tu hangover noma itawachapa coz some of you thought it wasn’t just Uhuru ‘falling in love’ with TMT, but with the entire Mt Kenya. Now we’ve just confirmed for the umpteenth time that baba is unelectable huko

What’s the end game here ?

Deflection from some issue. The way I read it.