Naona wakikuyu wameanza kufikiria

This is what i have been saying, Shiny eyes should form an official coalition with Arror… the big river cannot join the small river.(Mt Kenya Joining UDA)
If you listen to Arror speaking on important issues, you really have to think what he means by figuring out what he is not saying.

-when he says he is against tribal parties and coalitions , he means he is not interested in forming coalitions with Mt Kenya people or any other kingpin, because he cannot stand a deputy like himself who has a real share in his govt.

-when he says we need to change the conversation from ethnic to economic well-being, he knows any ethnic talk will not favor him, the presidency has been dominated by 2/43 ethnic groups… being a Kalenjin, no ethnic talk will be good for him.

He is quite a crafty guy and bonobos mistake craftiness for intelligence.



The only problem is the two are overrating their influence

:D:D:D…but the point will be home

Whichever the case, Kikuyus should prepare themselves proper because the shafting will be bila lube.

Saa hii kila mtu anawabembeleza kama msichana mrembo but after kupachikwa mimba, you will see the true colors of your suitors. For now, Okuyus think ati wanapendwa na kila mtu. Poleni sana. For instance, Sugoiman will crush you so heavily that it will take 50 years muamke tena.

At least they are taking the initiative to popularize themselves and meeting people on the ground.

You have to start somewhere if noone is not taking up the mantle.

Wrong!!! More than 3/4 of Kenyan deep State is Gema. Sugoi man would be crushed very heavily if that was his approach. For 24 years, Moi tried and failed to crush Gema. Sugoi man cannot crush Gema. Ask Tilampu

Hao takataka wawili what makes them think they can negotiate on our behalf?

They will cry for ages

Stop living in a dream. With Ruto’s presidency, it will only take less than 1 year before the Deep State gets into Kalenjins’ hand. The worst part is that Kalenjingas are ruthless like wild animals when they smell power.

Njonjo and the company used to think like you until it was too late. Once the regime changes, be ready to be shafted bila lube na ata bila arimis. Sugoiman hatacheka cheka na nyinyi.

At least they are not like Ndindi nyoro and Rigathi who have already undressed for shafting

Very true… and they are territorial like jackals…
Wakianza kukula hata mifupa hampati…

During the Njonjo and Moi era, the Gema deep state was not as entrenched as it is now. Yet Moi still failed to completely crush Andu. The stakes are high. With so many Gema multibillionares in deep state, Ruto will have to tow the middle ground. There is no room for trying to be smart

Dude, the state can destroy and create new billionaires in less than a year.

I am sure once Sugoiman takes over, we will be having Secret Police. Utakuwa unataja jina ya Sugoiman usiku kwa bedroom yako alafu asubuhi unajipata umekujiwa. If you want to know the Kalenjins’ Deep State, learn from the likes of Biwott.

After fake uthamaki ameenda it will be the end of gema…hio coalition seems to only benefit museve …


by the end of the day…muthungu will be shagging your behinds through these tin gods you have.
Dont matter if it is a borana, taita, suba, turkana, mijikenda, kikuyu, taita or jaluo coalition.

Uko pale pale bila chanjo, dawa, wauguzi, madaktari, living in a third world under third world conditions…only because you have permitted to be used as a vehicle by your local god.
You are the reason this country has poor conditions for their in is the real corruption…aka kupangwa kama kondoo ati vikundi kundi…
watu shonde nyinyi

I am telling you it only takes less than one year to dismantle the previous regime and create a new Deep State. With someone like Ruto at the top, it will even be less than a year. Mnacheza na kucheka cheka na Sugoiman. Mtajua his true colors soon.

Kiunjuri hunikelia humbwer ilikufa 1982 time ya coup. Hii ghasia ndio ilikuwa ina ambiwa cucu wakati locust zinakula mahindi zake. Asizifukuze aendee atafute mtu ako na smartphone ampige selfie na hizo locust.
He is a joker aendee kusalimia na elders pale kstreet. Hii beta male ndio ali inflate bei ya coomer pale kstreet.

huyu jamaa ako na hasira kuliko mtu amekuliwa bibi… mnaonanga akitoa zile jokes za “mtu wa kitendawili” mnafikiria anawapenda sana.
2013 - 2017 can tell you what kind of a man he will be.

Wewe Online Harvard Dip Holder unachukia Wakikuyu sana.

Kwani Oginga alikuwa amesahau akili home akipatia Kenyatta Snr. kiti? You will always be spectators. Sheep in a wolves’ court.

Jangs wa siku hizi wameanza kupenda pesa, seems marrying from the Mountain has altered the genetic pool of Lakers