Nanyuki hang outs

Which are the cool places to hang out in Nanyuki?

Due to close proximity to Mt Kenya volcanic mountain, most places in Nanyuki are generally cool. Temperature ranges from 13-20 degrees Celsius

outside, under a tree preferably



Ol Pejeta conservancy.

:smiley: I see what you did there

He wants to hung out , not cool off

But he just asked for cool places, “hung out” umeona wapi?

Soma vizuri.

off the point sarcasm …

Bwana commissioner…kuwa mpole… but on that note river likii is also very cool for duf mpararo.

Y’all should “cool” down.

Pitia pale Kungu maitu, uchotane ukiendaga

Tafaria Castle. Good place to nyanduana for a night


Tafaria is closer to Nyahururu than to Nanyuki. I would propose Bantu lodge or William Holden’s

You’re the slow one

Was at Moran. But its an average’s dicks hang out joint. Lanye ni wengi but wanapenda maJohnnie

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