For those who are well versed with Networking. Do i have to put these ubiquitous devices at two places to get internet. Or do i just need to connect one to my laptop and get wifi access?

Well, it doesn’t work per se as you mentioned above.

One device will be giving off ( ‘‘supplying’’) the internet either from your ISP or wherever you get your internet connection, your home device will receive the supplied signal, so long as you have a clear line of sight between both devices, ie no obstructions.

Your home device in turn connects to your router to provide internet to end client devices.

Additionally, you need to consider the distance between both devices to choose the antenna, also don’t order from Jumia, you can purchase the antennas from the Official Ubiquiti resellers , either of these should be more than fine, their prices are quite fair.
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You need a receiver and a transmitter.

So thats two of these devices.

Simply, clearly answered.

You will need only one. I.e the client (CPE)
The internet provider has the transmitter of. His side. On your side you will need a router for wireless