Nanii Atatoka Msafi Kama Pamba. Here is Why.

It became public knowledge in 2013 that Nanii atarukwa na shiny eyes after the 2017 polls. Nanii set a trap by dissolving URP and merging it with other political parties to form ‘a national outfit’. This was to solve two potential scenarios: One, to portray his politics as national politics. This was to counter accusations at the time that both URP and TNA were tribal outfits. Second, so that if shiny eyes bolt out of Jubilee, he (Nanii) will accuse them of being tribal and very unreliable (which explains why he’s vowed he won’t leave Jubilee). 2013 and 2018 are 4 years apart. The second scenario has just started playing out.

In 2014, Nanii was aware that he will be fought viciously so that he won’t ascend to the big seat. The weapon that would be used prominently against him would be corruption. So he set on a path to cleanse his image. If indeed he had dirty doo, wouldn’t 6 years years be enough for him to launder it completely? I am tempted to think that Wes’on alone would be adequate to do that job, given the time frame.

Issue ya demonetisation ilikuwa imesemwa last year. A seriously crafty person would by now offloaded his/ her loot or better still, converted it to foreign currency.

My take: Nanii amejipanga. Any dirty doo imeng’ara. He has had like eternity to do that. Hawa majamaa wa County and their minions, and other gava employees ndio watanaswa. As for clinching the big seat, itakuwa ni a big gamble. That would be a story for another day.

Finally, leteni leso hapa… Nanii was ‘bought off’ with 6B. Goldi was ‘bought off’ with 4B. No one is complaining about the 4B. Kwani huyu Nanii wa 6B hafai kutumia hii 6B in investments? Ama kama juu alikuwa peasant anafaa kuwa kichwa bakuli aangaliange hiyo doo na macho tu?

[SIZE=1]Finally, finally, I don’t support corruption… Ni hii pedestrian analysis of Nanii that has ticked me off. He is smarter than many would agree.[/SIZE]

Sema tu Ruto na hio strategy haitafanya kazi juu tangatanga wengi ni Shine Eyes.

Sijaongea juu ya Tangatanga because Tangatanga is part of kujipanga. Though I am seeing that it will backfire in the long run.

Ruto is not Voldemort so we aren’t afraid of naming him!

The main challenge of Nanii is a low financial and investment base. When he launders anything it can be seen.

His brother has a vast family financial empire and numerous rich friends. This empire includes banks Laundering his loot through them is very easy. E.g. expansion of existing businesses,recapitalisation, mergers and acquisitions etc.
Nanii has very basic ideas of investing especially real estate and hotels.

There is allegedly a security sector squad tasked with finding and confiscating Nanii’s cash stashes. I am told they have registered serious success including planting a mole as a housemaid to a noisy legislator who then helped seize 36 cartons of hard cash.

What say you fellow villagers?

Raila and Uhuru want to change the constitution to accommodate Ruto. Winner takes all will be done away with. Ruto will be the president or Prime Minister. I hope you listened to Uhurus comments ile day alienda Masjid. If Ruto loses the election automatically he becomes Prime Minister. Having him as leader of official opposition would be a very great miscalculation, the consequences are better imagined than experienced

Gideon has more money, but pale ground peasants hawatambui pesa, sawa? Who is Gideon in Rift Valley?

41 vs 1 gospel haitafanya kazi 2022 labda 27’. Uchaguzi ya 22’ itakuwa kuhusu class wars hustlers/working class vs wadosi.

I say roomers or rumas or roumaz or rumours

and to the OP; Weston was funded by a 1.3b loan from commercial banks. He is still paying for it. Let us get the facts right. The rumours are now becoming too much.

Next thing Ruto owns Bata shoes and has bought Ole Sereni and plans to convert it into a private airport.

Liwe liwalo!!

The plans to demonetise the 1000 note reached Ruto many many many months ago. He is privy to all confidential, national reports!!

I have axed severally, who is going to oppose Ruto??? Hamna, liwe liwalo Hakuna hata msafi ka pamba.



Gideon hatambuliwi hapa RV. I haven’t written him off yet, but honestly, he has a long way to go.

The amount of property acquired by Nanii over the last few years is staggering. And I’m almost sure the amount of doo already cleaned and in the bank is staggering as well. As for confiscating money from him, it is just that: rumors. The truth may come out in 2022.

Goldi’s supporters would like to believe that Nanii would just sit on such info without acting… That would be plainly naive.