Nani kati ya Nas, 50 cent na J Cole?


Who’s the 2 worst
rappers on this list?

non aesthetic things (@PicturesFoIder) October
28, 2023


Nas, 50 cent and J Cole are my weakest, if I were to save one of them, I would probably choose…

Only Ye, Nasty, Jigga and Fif would make it for me.

Drake and Kanye are the weakest on this list period.

J Cole is Tupac reincarnated, at least going by his 2nd and 3rd albums.

J Cole and Drake don’t deserve to be in the same photo with these other legends.

Jigga and Kanye my opinion. Eminem ndio baba yao tho

Wote except nas

Nas J cole Eminem in that order. Hao wengine sitambui

You must love the hit’On my way down’

On ur list my best 3 lil weezy,emin3m,and lil weezy

NAS anytime. Lil Wayne is an anomaly on this list.