Nani Kama Mwangi...!

Activist Boniface Mwangi on Tuesday blocked a VIP motorcade on Langata Road in yet another daring move that has got netizens talking.


The VIP being driven in a Toyota Prado, registration number GKB 970R, was being escorted by three vehicles including a police car.

The vehicle with a wailing siren was being driven on the wrong lane.

Efforts by the bodyguards to persuade Mwangi to create way bore no fruits as the defiant activist stood his ground. The driver had to divert before proceeding with the journey.

I would have said something salty but again,pengine saa hii ndo hii tweet imekufikia.
You shoulda told us who the VIP was instead of telling us what we can all see :smiley:

Boniface ni VIP pia. He’s on our side though. Other VIPs ni kutunyanyasa tu.

Most us Kenyans don’t follow our laws.

May the real Bony mtetezi please stand up.

seems a brave thing…but in a country like ours it is super stupid…especially for an ordinary person


Chocha mwangi akishikwa Ata tolewana

Try that in Matoke land and you will be dead meat and forgotten.