Nani Ataambia Huyu Zinazimwa Ndio Jamaa Akule Finje na Mkubwa Apate "Cut"


Saa zile America saa hii ni internet of things. Fridge inakufanyia shopping, supermarket in a deliver to your doorstep. Hakuna kushinda ukienda soko.
TVs with everything and anything viewing on demand. Ukitaka vioja Mahakamani episode ya 1995 ni kutype tu kwa smart tv. Yes the Tv is smart and even knows your needs. That’s why it’s called a smart TV Mr. @uwesmake sio mambo na 3D na kucheza games, ni ukiingia mlango hivi inakusalimia na inaanza ku unleash ngwati latest zile unapenda. Na lights zina dim automatically.

Na coming very soon, robot itakuletea ile milking jelly yenu special reserve. Hio dunia labda in 2070 hapa Kenya.

Lol, he’s in a shithole country where Kiunjuri is a cabinet secretary.

and where a guy calling himself mjuaji is a talker na hakuna chochote cha maana amewahi post,nani alikwambia wewe ni mjuaji?wewe ni fala ya kawaida tu

Hahahaha unafika umembao

He has an eye for what we consider normal.Kwanza hapo kwa hiyo rounder ya GPO!

Read between the lines to see the veiled sweep. The guy is insinuating our reasoning iko chini kiasi. When in reality the cops take over from the traffic lights because they have not been programmed to cater for traffic flow. They just rotate on [ATTACH=full]203459[/ATTACH] standard 3 minutes but traffic cops direct traffic as per the need of the particular road. This is New York with all their sophisticated traffic light system. The problem is not our police but the cameras in the city should be used to program our traffic light systems.

Keep up with the excuses.