Nani ashawai buy nudes ya huyu.

Why should a sane being sell her nudes? Worst, buy nudes? Na pale ngara unaona live :D:D
Reference ni pale Twitter @spicylilbrat @shiku_ [ATTACH=full]199746[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]199747[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]199748[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]199749[/ATTACH]

nunua nudes na uwache kusumbua. ni bei hujafika nini?

Pornhub, xvideos, youporn, brazzers etc eti na bado ninunue nudes? kwani nimerogwa

Ata sijui snapcha

15 dollars hiyo pesa imetosha kukamua malier watano. Can’t be me.

Wankers ndio wanaweza buy

Deorro unajua site zote za porno.

Tafuta unga polepole, tunajua ni wewe unajipigia advertising

She knows what’s up… Told yo the Snapchat game is gonna hit Kenya
Damn know we need those qr scans

uchumi ni mbaya.

Yo this bitch is hinderesting… We share two followers…and more so wale and mat pat…
She a gamer and in to hiphop
Or she thirst trap uko


watu wanapanua ma coomer huko nje bila nguo na hi maliar inavaa mosquito net alafu inaita nudes? watu ingine ni kumbaff sana

It’s called a nude show mzeiya… Thats the premium like I guess those weird webcam videos but now she doing it on snapchat…

I am currently creating one, a fetish site. Hizi pesa hata sisi lazima tuzikule

Huyu ako biashara, her name betrays her.

Simple Reply and Observation…
Scores of people purchase Porn while it is available for Free on the Internet…
I have never really understood WHY…

premium snapchat [SIZE=1]that shit[/SIZE] i get …nude show now that’s a different,buying nudes from what i understand are xxx pics and from my vantage point,hii ndio tunaita mashakura,never have ,never will buy

Nah once you are on her Snapchat I guess… She will have shows and shit uploading linking to her webcam… Now kama fisi you just take her Snapchat and enjoy those thirst trap videos… Had linked an account her for @Deorro… When I has telling him… About the next trend a while back last year… When I just of got of Kenya… Was picking these girls accounts from tinder the moment was in schipol…and since Norway hata nazi avoid cuz zinajaza feed… But ain never had Kenya accounts.
Am hoping and praying more stupid bitches to be discovered

who in their right mind buys nudes

Ushawahi andikiwa jina kwa senyeste akitumia whipped cream alafu dem mwenye ako nayeye anailamba?

P.S. anaandika majina yako one after the other.
Hakuna mtu ako na na senyeste inatosha jina zote tatu

I can smell her tanyae’s through the internet.