Nani anaweza kua anajua C9 Programm ya KuLoose WEIGHT.

Any Villager here who has experienced the C9 Programm

Siri ni kuacha Kula kama nguruwe.

Fanya intermittent fasting…

:D:D:D:D that’s cold bana

@solomon munyao loosing weight is easy…First acha kukula junk thats if you do,then start subjecting your body to mild workouts…You can do sit-ups,Press-ups,walk for quite some distance…This will tone your body na utapata workout will be a part of you…You will be fit…Na usimeze matembe plz.

Pale KenyaRE Building theres a company that sells. With 10-12k utasaidika. Worked perfectly for someone I know.