nani anataka kukamua

The long horned Ankole cattle found in Rwanda and Western Uganda facing extinction due to disappearing grazing grounds, [ATTACH=full]202566[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]202567[/ATTACH]kama hauna 30,000 acres sahau kukamua hizi

this is just a tamed water buffalo.

like seriously ?

Naaahhh. No. Not quite.

this is a celeb cow
Ankole Cattle are used to pay the Bride’s Price by the groom in negotiated settlements between families.
Ankole Cattle remains one of the best gifts for special occasions.

didn’t all bovines descend from the aurochs?

the mighty Auroch. Hunted to extinction in Europe and Asia. The NAZI’s we working on back breeding to get the beast back.


Swali mbili;

  1. Hizo ng’ombe sio aggressive? They look very dangerous with their sharp pointed horns.
  2. Aren’t their horns economically useful kama ivory ya ndovu au rhino horn?

the horns comes in handywhen serving traditional brew.

I see flying bisons

This cows are uneconomical they eat all that grass and unakamua pint moja maziwa

I know someone in Narok who is specifically keeping them… He bought them from a market near the Tz border

Mayai wanatuimbianga hapa conservation nahao hawaconserve halafu hata hao ndo market ya poaching

I like that breed. When i grow up i wanna have 200 acres of solid land and hundreds of those beasts inside there.


Hizi ng’ombe huchukuliwa za maana sana, si Kagame aligift, mapadlocks hizi

Pint ni half a litre. Hii ata haiezi fika pint

Financial advantage isn’t the end game to everything.

Hizi ng’ombe huwa revered sana na Banyankole wa UG na Rwanda.

The quality of the milk is also superior and doesn’t contain the dangerous A2 protein present in ‘foreign’ cow species.

inaweza kuwa poa sana uki add kwa uji?

Kabisa, kwanza ya Thika.