Nani anakumbuka ile eclipse ya Ndizi Na Chungwa

well leo kuna ingigine inaaza at 10:10am as @Da Vinci had told us sometimes back
wakti huu joto la siasa bado kupanda but i remember some funny things people said when the orange was eaten by the banana that afternoon of Oct 3 2005.
btw what was that referundum all about?

call me superstitious but these things are omens

tell us more please

Ctr C &V
Modern Day Superstitions
Fear of solar eclipses still exists today. Many people around the world still see eclipses as evil omens that bring with them death, destruction and disasters.
A popular misconception is that solar eclipses can be a danger to pregnant women and their unborn child. In many cultures, young children and pregnant women are asked to stay indoors during a solar eclipse.
In many parts of India, people observe fasts during a solar eclipse due to the belief that any food cooked while an eclipse happens will be poisonous and unpure.
Not all superstitions surrounding solar eclipses are about doom. In Italy, for example, it is believed that flowers planted during a solar eclipse are brighter and more colorful than flowers planted any other time of the year.

am suprised that in this day and age people still believe bullshit

kumbe hivindivo kulienda, Uhuru and Raila were in the same camp

Sasa na venye mawingu yametanda, kuna kitu itaonekana kweli?

mombasa kajua kametokelezea

It’s a partial eclipse dude, you aren’t likely to notice much difference. Maybe only a yellowish hue all over in areas where it’s sunny.
If you are in a cloudy area just continue with your business, you won’t notice a thing.

Not according to
There will be significant difference…Dude!

hizi mawingu nairobi zinaboreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

its an annular eclipse.
wapi mtu anielezee.
feeling too lazy to google


Wewe tafuta momo wacha kutusumbua.
We are busy here engaging in astronomy.


Southern TZ iko total eclipse mchizi wangu.
duuuuh !

how do i see it .nko hapa ngara overlooking grogon

Angoo patia Mimi millioni mbili Kama ile deal yako ilifaulu.nitaambia agwambo akupatie direct nomination uwe MCA pipu

looks like late evening in mombasa
wind has gone down and its cold.
guys who have no idea whats happening are saying theres a big storm coming up.
nagojea ifike saa sita niwaambie siri