Nani amewahi ishi kwa nyumba iko haunted na madimoni?

I watched The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It over the weekend. This film franchise is one of the few in the horror genre that I watch. Most horror movies are just stupid, made for low IQ bonobos. Ati sijui ghaseer imebeba chainsaw, mara sijui zombie zinakufuata in slow motion na bado zitakufikia. Upus tu.

I love The Conjuring for three solid reasons:
[li]The films are based on true events. Ed and Lorraine Warren were actual people who studied paranormal activities.[/li][li]I’ve wanted to stick my pee-pee inside Vera Farmiga’s vajayjay since the first time I watched her on some investigative/crime show on KTN. Even as the crazy Norma Bates on Bates Motel, I still wanted her. Folks, her eyes reel me in. She’s 47 years old today but still has that MILF-y appeal.[/li][li]The Conjuring doesn’t go overboard like other tacky horror films that depend on horrible sound and graphic effects to shock the viewer. The producers do their homework and provide a storyline that’s reasonable, even though not everyone believes in ghosts/demons.[/li][/ul]
Now to the subject of this thread. I once followed a discussion on some FB page (I think Buyer Beware) and people were talking about how they rented houses kumbe a previous tenant had killed himu/herselefu inside. So they would see disturbing stuff sanasana when they turned off the lights. For example, if the person had hanged himself, the current tenant would see a silhouette of someone hanging, na akiwasha stima hakuna kitu. So when they mentioned it to neighbours, that’s when they’d become aware that someone had committed suicide inside their house.

Kutoka hiyo siku nikasweya nitakuwa tu na-rent nyumba mpya banaa ndio nisipitie hayo masaibu :D:D:D:D. Halafu in high school pia once in a while we would hear of people being choked in their sleep, ama sijui wameona nini wakienda kwa latrines. The administration would dismiss it as hysteria coz most times ilikuwa ina-happen close to exams, but nevertheless, the CU would organize maombi to deal with the evil forces.

Keep in mind that in the history of your high school, many students and teachers have died in the compound. It’s not farfetched that some souls still wander looking for some sort of closure. I remember an ex-girlfriend telling me she witnessed a fellow student being exorcised, na haikuwa hizi childs play za kina Apostle Ng’ang’a. According to her, the girl’s eyes were white and she was talking in a very deep voice and was physically very strong. From these storos, I’ve gathered that not all spirits that appear to humans are evil and violent. Personally, I’ve never experienced this stuff, so I take such stories with a huge pinch of salt. Still, it doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Ama namna gani washienzi?



Can a cctv capture a paranormal activity?

izi naendea monday…plot haikai mbaya

@captain obvious may be the biggest douche in the entire galaxy and even the neighboring galaxy but this nigga can write.

I never intended to share this story coz it hurted me badly to lose 500k 4years back to some shitty 3hactares and a house.
I bought them from a ghaseer next to my uncle’s home .sadly my uncle never told me the ghaseer has majini ,and they are in the house . Things I saw one week while inspecting the shamba if I tell ktalkers here will think am a mad man but hio land hakuna kitu naifanyiaga . I tried to resale it to the owner but he doesn’t he told me we closed business and should never contact him again , somethings are real,I know even here Kuna elders wanaeza kua wanategeneza pesa through backdoor za coast ama Pemba.
Funny thingy uncle is a friend to that ghaseer and the way he talks opened my eyes .mkikosana anakwambia fanya vile utafanya ata ukienda Pemba utanipata huko nmelipa mpaka advance

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Hizo majini si huwa naskia zinazaana? Kwa hivyo in the four years zimeongezeka kadhaa.

Wacha tu somethings nkisema hapa nishai ona vipii watafikiria am high ,but war nilipigiwa hapo na nmeinvest 500k hurts me na huwezi jichapia coz hioni kitu. Even today my rib aches from the beating and I don’t smoke Marijuana.

Never. What you see on Youtube and Facebook are dramatised videos for views

can’t you keep pigs in that land? The jinnis will run away

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I tried even kuleta bones za female pig as adviced by a specialist who was too afraid to do the work ,that’s when I received a good beating ,heard this things think anything which was bought with their money is parmanently theirs ,I let go.inaitagwa yangu but I know ni ya wenyewe.i prayed to Jesus 7times a day and nothing happened,I was even thinking becoming a Muslim coz I heard they know how to tame this things but I said fuck it

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What was your uncle doing while you were going through all this?

niuzie hio shamba 100,000 kshs nikuondolee mashida

utapigwa RKO hadi Mama Clichy akukatae

Mjamaa tupee hekaya acha za ovyo

Na hizo majini hukula nini kama mwenyewe alizi-abandon? Si huwa naskia they also depend on their human “owner” for food, though sielewi ni chakula gani huwa zinatafuna.

Those filthy things eat even goats and hens of neighbors ,your goats and hens will be kicking the bucket out of short illness

Hehe hata mimi nimekuwa curious…i love such stories.

Tafasali anza hii story yako vizuri, hadi nimevuruta stool niwekelee mguu…hizi story zi uni jazz. Swali tu…tafasali. ziko kwa shamba yenyewe ama kuna room tu…Kuna mtu alinisho kuna shamba huwezi ingia ukivuka fence unashikwa mabare. …niliomba sana nifike huko and experience hao majamaa wa under world. Huyo jamaa alidinda kabisa…

Nimevuta stool niskie