Nani ameona thread ya tbt anisaidie nayo??

since @Meria Mata ameshindwa na kazi ya tbt, ktalk csi wamejuwa out n about na wako na expose kadhaa…

hiyo works ya mjengo haipeleki @Chloe vibaya!

@mishty akiwa pale parklands arya, roti hawezi wacha!

the bible says “if the hand makes you sin, chop it” @Female Perspective following instructions!


hapa @FieldMarshal CouchP atamwaga bone marrow na wisdom!
ofisa @pamba finally spotted!
this is what is left of @Guru s parachute!

shinny eye @Mrs4thletter ngai, hapa kunaenda aje??

@Meria Mata ameanza umama hata hawesi wekelea tbt, he was spotted across the creek.

last but not least @Swidfil Makanje , hii noogle gay chieth inakuwanga kama saitan!


VS @Meria Mata kuja mbio umetukanwa :D:D:D:D

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Ngai Ngai Ngai
Hii ni 10 nil


@FieldMarshal CouchP after your escapades hapo juu…

"We are glad to inform you that M. P. Shah Hospital along with East Africa Heart Rhyth Society (EAHRS) has organized a Pacemaker CSR program in association with a Team of Doctors from Germany, DR. CARSTEN WALTER ISREAL and DR. SERGIO-LUIS RICHTER at the M.P. Shah Hospital’s Cathlab from 4th to 11th January 2017. Around 40 needy Patients who can’t afford this expensive treatment will benefit from this program. This is a highly skilled Pacemaker implantation program being done by qualified and practicing senior Cardiologists trained in Pacing and Electrophysiology. These procedures which usually cost between Kshs. 500,000 to 1 Million KSHs. are being done almost free of cost for the needy patients under this CSR program.
If there are needy and deserving patients who need pacemakers, can benefit from this program, they can contact the M.P. Shah Hospital’s cardiology clinic immediately

No wonder female kamepotea, ntude onge

gives bean shot a whole new meaning…

That last pic Siwesmind…a mouthful indeed

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