nani ameelewa hii atuchanue jinsi kulienda?

Next time tuweke IFB ya Kenya ama TZ?


This is the summary of that thread.



Not sure what your question is. But let me try.

This is what we commonly (wrongly??) call Eurobond. It’s a government loan. Works just like a regular Treasury bond. Kenya floated a offer for bonds at 75b. So they want to borrow 75b. They received offers ( from investors) to purchase 132b. 132/75 = 176%. Investors typically bid with an amount and interest rate. Only some of those interest rates are competitive enough for Kenya to accept. They accepted 98b of the offers and an average interest rate of 12.96%. So investors buying bonds will receive interest at 12.96%. Repeat argument for TZ. However such bonds are for big players. Mwananchi hawes afford, coz those offers are in billions.


Na sasa kaama offers ni za birrions, mtu akitaka kuekelea bonds za 5m hivi atafungiwa nje?