Nani ako na nudes za Baba Blesso the tiktok swindler

I want to know which nudes are these making women spend their hard earned money to a single father, here I was thinking ni maombi na machozi he recorded himself praying kumbe the real wallet opener was the nudes he was getting from these women. Ati nitumie picha zako naenda kunyonga na wewe. Yaani long distance sex. Weuh. Aki the devil is a liar Inaitwa sex trade.

If you expose him he gets you arrested. OCS is in on this scam? Mungu wangu. Hii inchi all we have left is God. Ati amevunjika spinal cord? Once you start hearing such sob stories just block. You are not a doctor.

Women and whores have swindled men since the fall of tower of Babel thru sex and we ain’t complaining SHEBOOON , if few women’s are swindled by a man it became a point of prayer by horny tired single stale ovumed postwall women.

Si I heard the dude killed himself

Haiya? Probably why the guy who exposed him tiktok was arrested.