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Hiyo ni Hula Hoop ya Rongai 125. Ilipata head on with a canter leo asubuhi around 6 near Acacia estate. The driver wa canter was overtaking carelessly. The matatu was being driven by a kamagera from Kiserian to go pick up the driver in Rongai so that they could start the days work, it had no passengers. Sadly the kamagera passed on.

Noma hii

But hizi manyanga should be abolished… And clean busses re-introduced without graffiti…

Oh it’s you @Touchlyrics ?

Hawa kamagera wakule ujeuri wao

Dereva wa canter hopefully alivunjika miguu so he never drives again

Makosa haikuwa ya kamagera, ni that canter driver.

What has graffiti got to do with the accident? Plus hio graffiti inalisha watu

From the spiritual realm…SIZE=2huyu ni kupeanwa…blood sacrifice[/SIZE]

Bana! And to a lesser serious but good enough reason, matatu culture ni kitu unique sana. we can’t just kill it.

We have to kill the matatu culture shit otherwise we’ll remain a shithole country…mbona kina Norway and other scandnavian countries hawana such backward shits on their roads

Graffitti ina drive gari?

who are these:(.[SIZE=1]asking for my neighbor[/SIZE]

What about countries like Philippines wana more complicated matatu culture which attracts even foreigners? Huu ndio ule upuzi wa kucompare kenya na westerners imefanya tupoteze hadi culture na kucopy shitty constitution.

Those unlicensed drivers that take control of the matatu once it reaches the estate stages, so that the driver can rest abit before he makes the journey back to town. Usually conductors training to be drivers.

The problem si graffiti. Don’t be thick.

Problem ni the industry has been taken over by gangs with connection with corrupt police & politicians.

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It is a broad term, it means other people controling the mats other than the driver and the conductor. Sometimes they take empty seats to portray the mat is occupied, sometimes they help conductor collect fare, sometimes they hang around the exit to call passengers, sometimes they are left with traffic officers to negotiate bribes, they are also strategically placed on road to advice on congestion, and they gang up with conductors and drivers to marshal uncoperating travelors or road users. They are cartels especially in rongai.