Nani ako na kama hii aniazime for the weekend?


Hii ni tamu… Her ride can take away some village fossils out of the planet

Hawa madem huwa all show. Dem anafanya yoga na anaeza hipthrust 100kgs lakini akikuride unaskia tu magoti zikicrack. Unapata milfs wa Amar spending more time on top than hawa gym girls

Leta Hekaya. :D:D:D:D:D

Dem flani nimembomoa vizuri missionary na doggy shot ya kwanza. Shot ya pili namshow acome juu. Ako like she’s not good at it. Namshow ajaribu tu no pressure. Maze 40 seconds in ako like haezi. Yaani ni ka gym anabuild tu haga but hakuna any fitness. But alikuwa hao “babygirl” type so maybe amezoea kulala tu as the man does everything

najijazianga dame ni lazy tu if she is hesitant kukuja juu, less than a minute na fala ishachoka yet she is not even fat

At the edge of the bed/table afanye 180 na aweke kichwa juu ya kitanda. I don’t need anything else from her. She can show of her gymnastic moves to the next guy down the line.

Hawa madem wa gym ni ovyo sana. I once met a chiq wa Multi media pale hornbill ya Rongai late last year. After a few chit chat i get her number and we start a simple chit chat protocol. She could often post her status “in the gym” and in some yoga routines. Two weeks later we plan a meet up with slices in the Mix. “Maina let me tell you” the only style she did perfectly was missionary. Collapsed doggy hawezi, Riding she couldnt, Side shots was a No. Let me ask my final question. Kwani treadmill hupanua rose coco?. I was swimming in an ocean without a floater, no grip, no threads, no hook points, no walls. Gym ladies is shiet, good hope hippos did a better job on me than her.

Hekaya Safi.
Lakini next time avoid “maina let me tell you” na jina za ushoga kama rosecoco…


Strenuous exercise wasn’t meant for women. It interferes with their pelvic area and messes up their sexual life. Ndio maana dame hafai hata kuendesha baisikeli

Legends may be familiar with a Gym that used to operate on the second floor of a building at Buru Buru Shopping Center …

There was a hot female Aerobics Instructor who could go 1 hour non-stop while talking , laughing and encouraging you …

GOD bless her Soul wherever She may be … :D:D

These Yogababes are all show.

Kuride juu for long hutaka cardio fitness nzuri if you are pumping properly…mtu hutoka apo umesweat na utafeel abs na obliques zinauma the next day. This is why mi huchapa gym then next day I jumprope for 30 minutes

Roho Safi …

Apart from @Malong yor and @digi
I doubt very much if anyone else in here can properly “entertain” and satisfy a Lady of that caliber …