Nani ako na hii ngazeti?


izi ndo zile upus ulikua unaskia Moi huenda winners chapel anaingia na nyuma

This hyesteria had gripped the country in the 90s with emmanuels eni’s book and some bitch named rebbecca brown on how they were agents of the “devil” , being the 90s idiots bought into it hook, line and sinker

Hiyo kitabu ya Emmanuel Eni ilikuwa hot cake tukiwa class 8 in the early 90s

Yellow pages advert . Wah ! The internet really made some companies extinct.


Moi was just one useless burger…imagine there was a commission of inquiry into devil worship in Kenya! I still wonder what the findings were.

Siku hizi matatu za Eastleigh zile nganya were demonised kabisa

I once went to Winners Chapel juzi juzi, invited by a high school CU chap I still respect on faith matters, na nilikuwa nakumbuka hizi story, I was amazed to find a very good church with very sound doctrine

So iyo ya Emmanuel Eni ilikua propaganda?

I downloaded it recently na kusoma tena. It maybe true but doesn’t look gross as it did those days.

Newspaper ilikuwa 25 bob

Kenyatalk is home of alpha males ,men who are wiser than Kings or president.
Moi forming the inquiry and alpha here thinks it was naivity and stupidity?
Leadership comes from God and moi was a God fearing man , after 82 that’s when nyayo knew the reason a president is given a sword.i know even God as the chief knows the importance of that sword.
In short devil worshipers had to be exposed together with their ritual killings .

tunangoja hizo reports mpaka leo , kwanza hio ya devil worship . wakenya walikunja mkia wajue niaje na hio SUNDAY kila mkenya alienda kanisa , infact hio period kanisa zilifunguliwa mob na zingine zikawa expanded na watu wakatoa sadaka :D:D:D:D:D . cheki hio frontline ya nation inakaa kama movie blockbuster .

ukitaka kutisha mwafrika go the supernatural route. Moi was told not to release the report due to National security. mass panic zilikuwa already in schools .


Kanisa ni kanisa, even the normal churches we do go praising lord are Saturn agents, like yioteeeeeeeeeeeee are linked with the devil. No escape in this web

Kumbe wewe uko mid forties

Without the Devil then God isn’t as useful

Yes sir

He is useful but the presence of Devil is a proof that there is God

Religions have different G(g)ods but same Saitan, tafakari hayo