Dear @Nameberry1 ,

I know it sounds weird that I’m looking for you this morning . What happened to the good times and moments we had? You mean you can just walk away just like that with no traces nor hints?

No words can tell the fantasies and creative imaginations that blossomed in my heart every time you giggled out of laughter. Twitches of happiness had ripple effects on my heart and way under.

We would laugh all day at how people walked on the streets and you would give me the signs when to cross the road and when not to. (Thank you)

As I hold my bullhorn, I just want to whisper that I miss sharing moments with you .I can’t express how cherished those little moments were. You are missed dear and please come back . I need you more than ever .


hehe,huyu dem ananiserve chai, anauliza mbona nimechukua slices mbili tu.

Wacha upuss. :smiley:


@Nameberry1 is just another @Wakanyama handle. So really you’re looking for wakabeef.


Naona kuna mtu hivi karibuni atakuwa ‘analyzed’.

muteso @Abba uko 65 years na bado una behave kama @Stinger007 ako 14 years ? jinga kabisa nyangau

@uwesmake , utajua mimi sio 14 nikikamua bibi yako na malaya wako wote…Toto jinga hii