Nakuru Wifi

As i type this am cruisit past nakuru towards 042.
I have noted several wifi beamers, nanos and antennas in this city. Anyone who knows which provider are they using and costs and any other info why they love wifi this much?

An initiative that started with PSCU Director Dennis Itumbi. Its free public Wi-Fi with a radius of 10 kms from Nakuru CBD. He got Liquid Telecom to partner with Nakuru county to provide the service for free to the public. Nakuru agreed not to charge any licencing and hosting fees for the equipments at its facilities and Liquid Telecom provides the equipment, maintenance and service. No cheques or payments between parties. Free reliable service to the people.


iko na timeout ama ni free kabisa

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Jubilee had to take part in county development, now that gachagua had started few hotspots in nyeri, ni manoah episisu alianza ama?

Hakuna WiFi aina Timeout but it works 95% of the time. Liquid are serious players and they provide usage data of its utilization. It doesn’t cost much to main it as well.

That’s great , Governor Sonko can benchmark

Facebook Wi-Fi, you small penised dolt.

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mi Natumi mawingu wifi hapa home… 50 bob for 300 mbs

si ununue tu airtel ya 1gb for 49/-

Sijwai experience timeout. Labda iwe ni ten hours

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