Nakuru Ol kalao Njabini Road

Nani amepitia hii road of late. Naona it was constructed 2010, bado iko sawa for you kawaida toyota? Thinking of using a different route this time as I return to the city.

Not bad, very scenic. Not very sure about the final few kilometers to Flyover; there was time it was in serious disrepair.


Pale Wanjohi kuna potholes zilikuwa zimeanza kujitokeza.Are they still there

Iko sawa. They are currently repairing those small sections that were leaking from underground. Tena haina traffic ama ntsa

Iko poa lakini chunga stray kondoo na ngombe

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There a place in Tharaka called Ciakariga?
You from there?


I know of the road to Ndunyu Njeru… very clean. Though many unmarked bumps… beyond that, pitia ukuje na mwakenya… need to use it next weekend and would appreciate some insight.



Billionaire kama me hutumia beast aka probox apan tambua

Barabara ni nyweeeeeeeeeeeeeee no NTSA



Very awesome road from OLK to Njambini/Njabini…green scenery, cool weather and beautiful unadulterated kienyenjis

Nimemaliza the trip, the road is good, nice view points za escarpment as you approach ol kalou from Nakuru, then past ol kalou you get close up views of the aberdare. Road is good, many curves and twists, enjoyable driving, only exception is a ~4km section at a place called Wanjohi(vile msee amesema hapo juu), good thing kuna contractor on site so in 3-6 months it should be sorted (also vile imesemwa hapo juu) Watch out for the sneaky bumps(vile imesemwa hapo juu) and of course boda bodas in the trading centres. The concern about Njambini to flyover stretch is unfounded, that section is as new as lanet to ndudori, the best sections on that route.
But its a very long cut to Nairobi, took 3hrs nakuru to flyover.