Nakuru MAN Dies After FEMALE Lover Stabs Him. STOP KILLING MEN!

A 27-year-old man was stabbed to death by his lover in a suspected love triangle incident in Nakuru.

The incident happened on Tuesday, January 23, morning in the Mwariki area and involved a female tenant and her neighbour who died at the scene, police said.

The deceased was identified as Peter Njenga Muruga.

His body was found lying in a pool of blood on a sofa set with visible stab wounds on the left arm and eye, police said.

According to the other tenants, the deceased was in a love affair with one of their neighbours.

The suspected assailant was missing at the scene, police said as they moved the body to the mortuary.

A hunt on the woman is ongoing, police said.

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i know who did it…

You won’t find any of our community ladies commenting here. Men lives matter

Menicide should stop

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I had to specify the Genders because in this perilous days a lover can be either gender.

Feces Pushers wamekuwa wengi.

@TrumanCapote iyo kunyenye Yako vipi

Where do you stand in this case though

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Hehe. @kodiaga, @rexxsimba, and @TrumanCapote, yesterday I commented that “Ulanye” is the main cause of the killings, and Dr. Rexx and Truman almost crucified me. I don’t advocate “Ulanye.” If a relationship is not working, the parties involved should simply part ways.

These sick sad killings have been going on for along time. Its just that Sasa afro cinema dramas have spiced up everything and the issue is being debated kila pahali.

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Hehe, I think you mean androcide. But there is no such thing here. For anything to qualify as androcide or femicide it should involve ‘systematically killing (males or females respectively) in general because of their gender’, not because of an argument.


@mlipuayote mark register.


How much can they matter if 80% of the people men murder are their fellow men?

99.99% of murderers are men. 80% of the people men murder are men. So you are a smart guy… I hope. You know who you should be giving this message. Not the 0.0001% of female murderers who kill men usually in self defense.Sucks but we all know who is doing the killing of everyone. It’s men dufus.

I can agree on that last sentence … :blush:

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Where did you pull these figures from? Your butt i suppose? 99.9% of men…80% of that 0.00001 of this